Love,love,love this bag!

  1. OMG! I think I just peed a little I am so excited!!!!! When it came to the signature stripe, it wasn't a NEED bag for me. And then I saw this bag!!!! I NEED it. Oh, why do I even look at this site (daily)!?!?!!??! So it is at Macy's now!?
  2. Is it one of those made for Macy's only bags?
  3. Kallison, or anyone, do you know the retail price. The BIN price on eBay is 600! Don't know it I can spend that much, even though I do love it!
  4. the macy's in my area won't have that bag till May...but the retail price in the book was $358
  5. i dunno but gosh i really want it!
  6. Adding this to my wishlist. Too bad it wasn't in stores already, I would've bought this at the PCE.:sad:
  7. wow, i'd get that bag and also the bracelet if i were you ;) it's so pretty!
  8. I love this bag!!! I'm on a DH imposed purse ban until Mother's Day. I think I'll ask for this - it's adorable. I want it...I want it!!! What's the name - Legacy tote??
  9. the boutique stores will have a matching accordian zip around wallet coming out in may or june.
  10. AHAHAHA... lalabelle, that is TOO funny!!! :roflmfao:
  11. :drool: That bag is adorable!!!:drool: