Love love love my Heloise

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  1. I got my new large Heloise hobo in Nutmeg a few weeks ago. I was totally on the fence between her and the large Marcie hobo. It looks like I made the right choice. Out of all the bags Ive owned this one really seems to stand out in the crowd. I love how it sits when its carried, its plenty roomy for a ton of stuff and its a good sturdy bag. Not to mention the compliments it gets. I have gotten a few comments here and there but not like what Heloise gets. My hubby just rolls his eyes but everyone loves her!

    I will try to put up a pic soon. She cost me my Mousse XL Paddington and my Chocolate Chloe Tekla messenger, but in the end she has totally been worth it!

    Anyone else have a standout bag that they'd like to share about???:yahoo:
  2. Congrats on your new Heloise. The Heloise is a classic bag, I have the small satchel and the shoulder strap/double handle tote and love both.

    Looking forward to your pictures, and BTW, it's better to have one bag you truly love than two that are liked.

    Not sure which would be my standout bag, I get lots of compliments on my patent dome Paddy (in my pic on the left), also my poppy large Paraty and of course, the Heloise!!
  3. Congratulations! Sounds like you really really wanted this Heli- and nutmeg is a glorious colour.
    Glad that you are in love!
  4. congrats - heloise is certainly one of my alltime favorites
  5. congratulations!
    I love my heli, loads of useful pockets and the handles are so pretty, but also comfy on the shoulder.
    Enjoy your compliments:smile:
  6. congrats on ur heli ! there is nothing better than a bag u wear that u love and every 1 else does 2 ! the heli is so pretty . my prune paddy gets lots of compliments i just love her :cloud9:
  7. I would love to see a photo!
  8. Congrats, can't wait to see her!
  9. Can't wait to see photos! I LOVE Heloise, so I understand how you must feel. Congrats and enjoy her!!
  10. Is this the one??!!

    (So glad you love it!)

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  11. I love the Heloise! I have three and the leather is one of the most luxurious of any handbag. It's one of those bags where the more you use it, the more the bag's leather takes on this lush patina. I have the black, nutmeg and chestnut and the black doesn't show this off as easily as the nutmeg so you made a fantastic choice!
  12. Heloise is my personal favorite! The leather is the best!
  13. Is this bag heavy?