Love, Love, Love Jessie!

  1. I carried it today for the first time during a shopping expedition. I have never had a bag sit so nicely on my shoulder as this little jewel! I have sloping shoulders and unless I hunch them slightly up, most shoulder bags slide off.

    Not Jessie! I may rethink getting a Sienna in Bourbon and just get another Jessie in bourbon.
  2. I'm happy to hear this, because I just bought one on eBay, (the bourbon)

    It looks so cute, and now I know I'll love it if it's a good shoulder bag!

    Congrats & may you continue to enjoy her!
  3. Love to see some pics!!
  4. I know I love my Jessie because of how she sits on my shoulder. They look small online but I can fit alot inside of mine.

  5. Yes, they really are deceiving. But all the outer pockets can carry the small things and the inside has a big enough depth, it can really carry more than it looks. It's a sturdy bag. I love my pebbled raisin but I am wondering if I should get a Khaki or a Java. But do I really need 2? Does a different color and a different style of leather validate the need for a second bag???
  6. I really love mine! Its java, and the leather is sooooo soft. It's a great size, it holds more than you would think! I love how the pockets close with magnets, it's so convienient.
  7. *ahem* pix pix pix!!!

  8. oops! Sorry! here she is.
    Jessie1.jpg Jessie2.jpg
  9. [​IMG]
  10. I know they call a style like Jessie an 'east-west' satchel. I assume it is the shape, in other words elongated from east to west in direction.

    So does it follow that a 'north-south' style is tall and skinny?

    I can tell you then, by definition, that my body type is an 'east-west'. *s
  11. I think it is in some Dooney bags that they have East-West bags and North-South bags. I do not like North-South bags nearly as much.

    You are sooo funny Lindy. If your body type is East-West then I am Eeeeeeeast-Weeeeeeest. It's so sad. I am an East West Girl Living in a North South World....(I feel a Billy Joel tune coming on...LOL)