1. I think Chloe makes the most adorable flats and I want to buy some online. For those of you who own them, what is the sizing like (true, big or small?) I'm interested in the Paddington leather styles. Thanks for the help!!

  2. i have four pair of chloe shoes, 3 of them flats, and i feel they run true to size. i'm a size 35 in all european designer brands and i fit 35 in chloe. hope that helps. :smile:
  3. Thanks! Yes this does help.

    One other question, do they stretch at all? If I were to buy a 1/2 size smaller than my regular, would they accomodate my foot? Just wondering, because some leather shoes do this and others don't.

    Thanks, you gals are awesome!
  4. I have the leather mocs, I wouldn't buy half a size smaller. I bought the exact size my foot measures and they were tight when I got them, I stretched them out a bit, but they're still a little tight. They also run kind of narrow, so you might want to consider that. :yes:
  5. i have the prince flats and they fit true to size:yes:
  6. The only pair of flats that stretched a little were my paddington flats. But my current ones, a pair of preforated black ballet flats are snug, which i like. I wouldn't buy a 1/2 size smaller. Definitely stick to your true size. :heart:
  7. Until this spring, I have always stayed with my true size. For the 2 pairs of flats I bought for this season, I have gone up a half size. They were the plain blue patent flats and the flats with the gold buckle. Maybe it's just me, but for sure I would not go down below my normal size!
  8. I got one pair of flats last season. They fit true to size to me.