Love - Long Distance :[

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  1. :cry:

    My honey (bunches of oats) and me are seperated at the moment, he lives in Florida (where we met) and I'm going to college in North Carolina. We originally planned out that once he got things together he would move up here with me ASAP, but his job/living situation pretty much shut that plan down :[ I'm assuming the new plan goes something like - we're going to wait until I graduate to physically be together for good. I really hope we can make it sooner than that.

    So far we're doing pretty well. The first year was rough (the distance is really starting to get to us), but we're determined to make it through the next 4-5 years. We're talking together for the rest of our lives here.

    I know in my heart we're going to make it, but MAN is it tough and sometimes I wish I wasn't in school (dont worry, I'm not dropping out ever). Sometimes I get worried. He does too, but we're dealing best we can. Sorry to ramble, I meant to ask -

    Have you guys been in this type of situation? How would you cope with the waiting/distance/the heartache?
  2. I honestly dont think i could do it, unless i really had to , but it wouldnt be for a long time though. But if both are willing to , i see no reason why it will not work out. ( Is that U two in ur avi ??) Good Luck for u two i hope u make it , How long do u have left in school ??
  3. Thanks heavensent! Yes thats us from this past New Years Eve, lol. Idealistically I have 3 more years after this year. It may be 4 more though, making our total time of being apart around 5 years :/ So if nothing else, I hope I can cut it down to only 3 more years so we'll only have to be apart a total of 4 years. .
  4. abandonedimages i can totally understand you! I am in the same situation :sad2:

    My bf and i were together for over a year when i had to move to berlin for studying. He had to stay in athens for his (stupid) university.... It was very difficult at the beginning, i cried a lot but i must say that i got used to the fact that i can't be with him everyday anymore.:sad:

    It has been 1 1/2 years now and we are still together. The distance made our relationship stronger. We see eachother as much as possible but i still miss him very much.:cry:

    I have still 1 1/2 years to go until i finish my univeristy here and i am sure that we will make it until then. I always tell myself that if we can make it through these 3 years that we are apart that we will stay together for a lifetime.

    So hang in there girl! You will make it!! I know it is hard sometimes but if you really love eachother it is so much worth it!:love:

    (Sorry for my poor english)
  5. If your love is strong, then anything is possible...even lots of distance.
  6. Hang in there, true love is hard to find, It's important that you do whats best for you, & he will do the same for himself. Try keep the lines of communication open, I think it's so important for any relationship near or far.

    Best of luck,
  7. My boyfriend and I did the long distance thing for three years. We met the summer after my freshman year of college & now we've been together for almost six years-three long distance & it'll be three years living together in June. Actually, we'll have to do the long distance thing again next year because he goes away for his residency & I have to stay put while I finish the last semester of my Master's program. Not looking forward to it, but you do what you've got to do!

    It's totally doable. I think a lot of people get caught up in the mentality of "It's long distance. It never works." It works. It just takes more of an effort. My only advice is to talk on the phone, always be honest & realize that fights happen-especially when you haven't seen each other for a while. We tried to see each other once every other month-either him visiting me or vice versa. Also a couple times we drove half way and met at the halfway point for the weekend.

    Good luck! Don't get discouraged!!
  8. I'm sorry about your situation :sad: Long distance relationships are definitely tough, I think most of them disintegrate due to trust issues and not seeing each other enough. If you trust each other, are honest with each other and try your best to see each other as often as possible, it could work.

    Good luck to you both! :love:
  9. Cute pic.... As stated b4 as long as the communication part is there .... Yall can make it :love:
  10. You can DEF make it happen.
    My hubby and I dated since freshmen year in college. Started out as long distance and always was. In my Jr. year, I was also abroad for 6 months for school and it didn't cause any dent in the relationship. In addition, once I graduated from college, I got a job in LA, CA while he was in NY. We stayed a whole year apart and he was supposed to move to CA permanently (Orange County CA is my hometown) but it didn't work out b/c the IT job market in CA was bad back then. Therefore, I just turned in my resignation letter and moved to NY, got a new job and we got engaged and married ever since!

    So YES, you can make it happen but only if you're both honest and secure about the relationship. I never had doubt about him nor did he and that makes the long distance relationship thing so much easier.
  11. Hang in there!

    My husband is in the military & year long separations are the norm...but it's still very hard! I don't know how I could handle 2 or more years unless there are a lot of visits thrown in there! :smile:
  12. i agree with Cristina. trust and honesty have a lot to do with it. but most of all have faith in your love. if you guys love each other as much as you believe then don't give up. everything will fall into place.
  13. hang tight hun, i did it for a year and a half (and then we broke up once it wasn't long distance anymore because he was a first-rate a-hole, lol) and it's definately doable. it takes a lot of free-nights-and-weekends cell phone minutes and a lot of patience, but the most important thing to do is just make sure that you keep each other keyed in on all the little happenings of your life - stuff like that is what makes a relationship strong, whether he's near or far :smile:
  14. I met a Dutch guy whilst I was still living in Buenos Aires (Argentina)... that is 15000 km away... we spend around a yr trying to see each other and spending loads of money in phone calls. Finally, I moved to the Netherlands and we lived together for more than 3 years... He broke up with me last year but I'm still here (wonder why as the weather sucks LOL). Now I'm starting something with somedy who lives in the UK...
    Point is: if there's love there, it will work, no matter how tough (sounds silly, I know, but if distance doesn't break it, it will make your relationship much stronger!!) Good luck!!
  15. I did it for almost two years, and we broke up. It's ridiculously hard.

    however, you can make it work, it's just going to be a challange. Chin up. :smile:

    Oh, a fun thing to do, is have little phone dates! My ex and I used to rent the same movie, and call each other then watch it.