Love.... Lola, Bobo, and Family

  1. Here are the pics of my new born Pekingese pups, Born April 9. :heart: SOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE!!!:heart:

  2. Too prosh!!!
  3. Aww, so adorable. Are you giving all the pups away or keeping some for your own? I love Pekingese dogs and miss the one I had in childhood.
  4. Aww they are like cute little blobs! I bet its fun to have a houseful of little pups!
  5. Proud mommy! They're precious!
  6. I was so looking forward to these pictures!! Congrats to you and momma dog and those precious little babies!!
  7. So cute--- you must be very proud
  8. Their little eyes are not even open yet! How cute they are, I wish I could sleep like that!
  9. I'm seriously thinking about keeping a boy, he was the first born and he cries so much I just want to hold him, but Lola gets a little upset. My mom wants one for her Birthday, One girl is already spoken for , so that only means I have 2 left......:sad: :crybaby: I wish I can keep them all, I love all of them but I will go crazy.
  10. Hehehhe they're so lovely!!! They look a little like guinea pigs LOL. Boys or girls, or too early to tell?
  11. AW Congrats, I am so in love with your peki's!
  12. 2 boys, 3 girls....that's what I said "They look like little G Pigs" HA HA
  13. OMG so cute!
    Don't you just love puppy breath too!
  14. awwww!!!!
  15. Too cute. I loooove puppies!