Love Line Canvas bags? too trendy or staying power?

  1. I still love the LV Canvas bags for some reason. something about the whole play on LV and Love...I am such a sucker :heart: I see some on eBay going for decent prices...but is it worth it?

    Do you think the LOVE line has staying power or will it be left in the dust years from now? Are they too "cutsey?"

    What do you think?
  2. I think they are def. worth it! Even if they do go out of style, so what? Just as long as you like it, that's all that matters!

    I would first try to see if there are any left in the US... have you called the 866 number yet?
  3. I don't care if the LOVE logo goes out of style in a few years...but totes will always be totes! And as for cutesy...blahhh...whatever, still love my Love tote!
  4. I think that they are worth it~ to get a piece of miroir in gold and silver is an added bonus and it's a really fun bag!

    And I agree with John- so what if they fade out of style- at least you would have it if you really loved it
  5. I think they're cute. If you love it, go for it!! The prices aren't bad for the LVOE2 totes.
  6. I do think that they are more trendy than classic, but so what! You have got to have a little bit of fun in your collection!
  7. Oh and as for the tote itself...the material may be common, but IMO the bag is very well made. All the seams and stitching on mine is perfect and so carefully the inside is trimmed with leather as well. So although many members may argue it's "only canvas" and "cheap", I still think it's worth it.
  8. They are totally cute. If you are looking for one I ahve seen them in stores in Las Vegas as recently as yesterday.
  9. Cute and sweet ftw! :biggrin: They all have their place to go with the wardrobe :smile:
  10. It's a trend, but like all things in the fashion world, they come and go...if it's your style, and you will use it, then buy it.
  11. I don't have one, but I think its so cute. even if goes out of style, its still a great everyday bag.
  12. If you like it, get it. Don't worry about it being "out" because it will never be out if you still love using it.
  13. I think they will be in for awhile.
  14. They have the stiched ones on Elux, are the mirror gold more than the stiched? I liked the mirror gold better.

    Ooh i didn't know they were leather that makes me want one more.
  15. ITA! the leather trimming inside is nice and as is the additional zip pocket and cell phone pocket (for the MM style that is). it's funny how some members may say it's canvas and cheap but isn't that what monogram and damier bags are made of too? just my take it on that's all.

    i love the miroir pvc LVoe on the front. it's a bit of bling without going over the top if the miroir line is not for you. besides it's a great tote that will definitely turn heads!