Scarves Love it then leave it ,how do you curate your scarf collection?

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  1. With the amount of great advice here I doubt you will run out of options. :flowers:
  2. Brilliant!
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  3. Wow! that is right in line with the twilly on the bag, right?
    Unless errs on the small/busy side for people who like abstracts & geometrics?
    What do you think, @Genie27 ?
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  4. That’s what I thought plus it looks like there is taupe and camel together for her bag and coat. I can’t be 100% positive as I have never seen it irl
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  5. Ooh! Lots of great options! I need CSGMs for warmth from October to April and rarely wear silks even though I think they are gorgeous. I’m a ‘wearer’ not a collector so any scarf/shawl I buy has to fit my wardrobe.

    Acte III is a strong contender - CW 17 piques my interest at least to view IRL in comparison to CW22. That might be too ochre/yellow in cast. I will have to see the print to see if it’s too fussy.

    I’m also open to the men’s section CSGMs.

    That twilly was the most neutral I could find - primarily to cover the handles during hot/sticky weather. I prefer a bare handle in general and this was the closest to in-fussy. It’s got black, pastel pink and taupe beige tones.

    I haven’t seen this IRL either, but it could work on me...maybe...

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  6. #1176 Sep 8, 2019
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    @Genie27, Rainbow Faubourg does check your boxes, certainly puts the Capital B in Bold....
    Is experimenting for IRL an option?
    So you have a store near?
    Or you don’t mind ordering/returning process with
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  7. Gosh I’m excited to play with these options. I can experiment IRL, but I get overwhelmed and side tracked by *colour* so I need a game plan before I step into the store. My SA can pull some aside for me.

    Here’s my capsule collection - CSGMs are most used, then moussies, MTs and 90s. I use twillies for bag handles etc. You can see my leanings

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  8. Faubourg would be happy in this drawer....share mod shots, if not here than “styling” thread or Scarf of the Day to peek at Genie27’s day at the store! will be interested to see how you choose best fit.
  9. TPF frequently provides more great advice than my wallet can cope with, haha! :biggrin:
  10. So:lol:true!!:flowers:
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  11. Ok, so here are the results of my expedition.

    The goal was to find a shawl that would tie in my camel colour coat and etoupe B. Also possibly going with my greige fur and ecru fall/spring jacket without overwhelming the outfit.

    Here are the coat and jackets in question.


    Thanks to your advice here, I was able to condense to seeing a handful instead of being completely overwhelmed.

    Here are the 3 contenders
    Acte 3 in Bleu/grey

    Faubourg Rainbow in pink/green/etoupe
    And Chevaux sous le capot in grey/teal from the men’s section. 9DE82925-21F3-41D6-A4E8-1A5B51F60997.jpeg

    Which do you think I went for?

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  12. I have no idea which one you chose but I am very excited to see them with your jackets and bag. I really hope what you have chosen can blend the cool and warm side of neutrals for you!:flowers:
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  13. All lovely, but I think the faubourg rainbow is the most “you”
  14. I agree that the rainbow faubourg would be most happy in my scarf drawer, and it sparked immediate joy when I tried it on, but I actually ended up getting the older season men’s Capot because it fills that specific gap in the drawer.

    I also wanted the stronger print for this particular use. I may still get the rainbow, but I’m trying to keep at 3x of each format.
  15. Have immensely enjoyed reading this thread in it’s entirety over the past few days... I laughed, I cried (or at least empathized), I ooohed & ahhhed.
    Tomorrow planning to implement some of the sage and frankly -inspired- strategies to “get a handle” on & refine my collex.
    Will report back with any epiphanies... or pleas for advice :P