Scarves Love it then leave it ,how do you curate your scarf collection?

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  1. Sell :smile:
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  2. rofl! I keep saying i will sell my pink 1980s equateur, never worn by anyone. since February. currently thinking my never-worn, new to me Prieres au Vent won’t work. wish you better luck/commitment.
  3. Ha! I have a CSGM, in aqua, beautiful shawl, of La Rosee, and I almost NEVER wear’s too girlish, too large patterned, too something...but then I wore it once and got no end of compliments from my peers....go figure...
  4. Sell! You'll get more for it, being a recent season and in pristine condition, compared with if you wait / keep wearing it. And it will blunt the cost of the true love that is surely in your future :smile:
  5. Ha, that's a case where I would consider hanging on to something that I viscerally didn't like. What are others seeing that I'm not?
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  6. Sure , I will be honest , I have done that ... sold an unworn one ..
    bravo for your words - I could recover SOME funds - yes, you made a mistake and will likely not profit from it, but join the club , we have all bought mistakes , and we have hopefully learned from the experience
    You are a realist - YES ! Look at the positive ....
  7. Ps I do agree that time may change your opinion, today’s questionable cw may be great in 5 years, but it works the other way too, YES that scarf was a BIGGER mistake than I thought 5 years ago
    Don’t get hung up on numbers and profits ... what works for you ?
  8. Let it go and then just forget it ever happened. Head in sand works best sometimes.
  9. So much wisdom in this thread... My story with Hermès silks started with twillies for my bags. I had 3 silk scarves I had inherited or got as a present, but I didn’t really wear them much. I started buying Hermès CSGMs because they were large warm and soft. Didn’t feel as delicate as silk. After that came the MTs, love them around my waist. Like with everything, when you get interested in something your taste evolves. I started to read books and now I’m loving my two large moussies, have three giant silks and lately been interested in the ”oldies” from the 40s, 50s and 60s and looking at pics how they used to be carried. So far I can honestly say that I haven’t been rehoming anything, no regrets and the twillies (have about 28) are the only ones sitting in their boxes. Framing some scarves is the next thing for me.

    I’m still a hopeless newbie when it comes to folding a scarf but I hope I will eventually get better. At the moment carrying a CSGM still feels easiest.

    I’m buying my CSGMs based on how I like the pattern, if I can combine the colour with a bag and how the cw looks in a particular colour combo. I’m hoping I also learn to consider how it looks when folded or how the colours are against my complexion. I have a wonderful SA at FSH that has taught me a lot. I’m so happy I have tPF, because you scarfies have a lot of knowledge. In future I might need to curate my collection if my taste changes, but loving a neutral classic style has some benefits.
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  10. I’m hoping you ladies can help me out with some suggestions.

    This is one of my winter coats and I’m looking for a neutral CSGM that coordinates tonally with my bag and coat. I have CSGMs that match my other coats, but this one has been difficult to find just the right tone and print that excites me. I like bold abstract prints instead of small/busy so I am having difficulty picking something that checks my boxes yet works in a neutral palette.

    I could go more etoupe or even bluey-grey but need some suggestions. Thanks in advance for any tips and ideas.

    @EmileH this is your wheelhouse - what do you think would work?

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  11. The new act III:flowers:

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  12. Yes, perfect! I was also going to suggest the neutral On A Summer Day if 100% silk is an option.
    on-a-summer-day-scarf-140--673048S 09-flat-1-300-0-320-320.jpg
  13. Another great choice!:flowers:
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  14. Une Rose pour Alma has multiple cws that might work.
    The Pegase Paysage scarf is definitely bold and abstract and looks fantastic on the model.
    For extra bold/abstract there's the H Passant.
  15. Rocabar in menthol/gris/blanc-- if the colors in real life don't clash with your coat or bag?