Scarves Love it then leave it ,how do you curate your scarf collection?

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  1. Yes- I do tend to numbers panic - so true- and you are absolutely spot on that the main motivator for that is guilt!

    hmm- yes- I think I mentally keep track of it now, but maybe some reorganization along these lines to think things through. My previous culls were ones I had no regrets on. Either they were early purchases, or purchases I made before I really knew my "style" or format fit(s). Most everything in there now (even the ones that I may have moved on color-wise) do fit my "style" and so do require some deep thought.

    :lol: I do this in color code database of 4 colors. Once I start "thinking" about selling something I have it moves from one color code to another. Keepers->thinking of selling->active selling->sold (so I know not to make the same mistake again!!!)

    I think my judgement is getting better, which is why the numbers are on the increase with little outgoing. But the judgments I am making are for the larger sizes, so the financial outlay has to be thought through in (great!) detail.
  2. I do feel that this season is special , that we’ve hit a good time for scarves and that I should be out there profiting from such richesse .:lol::panic:
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  3. Is it a bad time to sell?
    My feeling here in currency compromised UK is that the secondary market is so expensive!
    When I see someone on tpf looking great in a scarf , a search throws up the design at almost the double of the price in store.
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  4. Love this idea!
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  5. ... and I'm sooooo lazy; I'd much rather be perusing the tPF silk pages....which is generally what gets me into trouble in the first place :lol:
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  6. I fail the double-quote test to respond to both posts, but to demonstrate the impact on my collection decisions—this aw2019 season brought three new beauties to my house with nothing selling to help pay for those. my current scarves usually get culled/rehomed to help with acquisitions, a bit of discipline—one in, one or more out. eventually I would bump up against @bunnycat dilemma.

    another TPFer suggested privately the wonderful new season competed for available dollars and 6 or more listed pretties languished at even 30-60 percent less than I paid. in my case, new season scarf purchases mean less funds for oldies, or experimentation, and thus harder choices as the new season haunts me with a desire for three more!:crybaby:
  7. When I see someone on tpf looking great in a scarf .... that is the issue ...
    There is a run on any well-presented design seen on TPF - TPF influences the market , the price goes up every time the design is oooh & aaahed,
    Some of this is coincidental (ex: I had seen the TDF bilious green cw of BDG on TPF, and thought to have the SA pull it out of the case when I was there and I snapped it up ..) but some of it is not (ex: resellers know to stock up on the bilious green cw, and have several lying around for Xmas).
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  8. Haha!
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  9. Yes- the things I "want" these days are $$$ enough plus with so many that are still :heart: :heart: in the drawer that I can really only choose one option. Look for an oldie I FOMO'd or buy something from new season? That's my current pair of options.
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  10. Third option ... stand on your hand but work on better storage so that you can see (AND ENJOY) everything you have at your fingertips
    Orange boxes dont work for everyone - mine are clear boxes - cue up the Ronettes AKA Crystals singing She's a Rebel (not the Green Day song ...)
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  11. EXACTLY!!!!!! :hugs:
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  12. sigh—that record player image just makes me think of Silk Mix and how much I want that one, too.
  13. :lol: will do!
  14. Did not mean to enable , sorry for that
    Reflecting on yesterday's post, yeah I turned to organization at some point in lieu of swapping (in & out) or accumulation (more ...)
    To continue the poker analogy ...
    Organization helped identify a few inside straights I needed to fill (I have all of them except one...) but I took the time to identify the required cw - not just any cw - and a top price I would be willing to pay - and finally decide if I really needed it
    Even with 20 scarves, organization is a challenge, they flop, they get wrinkled, you cant see inside the boxes, HS in ziplocs slide off one another, getting to the bottom of a pile of 20 can be daunting
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  15. Has anyone ever rehomed a scarf without having ever even worn it? I bought this CSGM last winter and I just don't know what I was thinking. The orange doesn't go with my wardrobe, I have no special affinity for horses, and the design isn't even pretty. I've tried it with various outfits to no avail. I've worn it outside a couple of times but got no pleasure out of wearing it, unlike my only other CSGM (this one but in the blue/red/yellow cw) which is much more my style. If I sold it I could recover some funds that I could put towards something that I will enjoy more. But it also seems a bit strange to sell something that you've barely worn.

    What would you do in this situation?
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