Scarves Love it then leave it ,how do you curate your scarf collection?

  1. Yes, I feel the exact same way. I usually own at least one mousseline at any given time, but I never actually wear it.
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  2. Yeah- me too- as it took me 10 years of mistakes to find a reliable brand! I don't like to think of how many shoes I sold for a loss over the years.

    Fantastic idea Fizzy!
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  3. What's that expression bunny, 'if you think education is expensive, try ignorance"? When I look at my collection now, I don't think I could have gotten to this happy place without the 'educational expenses' along the way. And since the things that really haven't worked for me have moved on to happy homes rather than the local landfill, I guess I can be pleased all the way around. :smile:
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  4. I think it might be our climate, don't you? Moussies are more handy in Florida and Cali.
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  5. Absolutely- I don't regret going about scarves the way I have so far. I've learned a lot about the history of H and scarf making as well as my own likes and dislikes for my collection. As for tango shoes, I maintain that it's not really my fault because before the ones I use now, there really was only one brand that was a good "fit" for my foot and they were very unreliable and hard to find. I do like the size reliability of the European tango shoes and they consistently do pretty, low heels.

    So very true! Location is a big deal. There isn't any time here in the deep southern US I could imagine needing the coverage and capabilities of a CSGM.
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  6. CSGMs are great in overly airconditioned spaces, and airplanes! Just sayin'........
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  7. I like how they weigh almost nothing and fit into a tiny pouch for hot summer days - ideal to whip out in an over air conditioned or drafty/chilly evening situation. CSGMs are for my fall and spring, I don't find them warm enough for deepest winter - I have heavier wool and cashmere Gucci shawls for that time frame.
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  8. That's a great way of thinking about it (instead of berating yourself for wasting money, which is what I tend to do).
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  9. +1 Same for me.
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  10. You’re absolutely right. I feel like for me, they are more decorative than functional. If I need warmth, I’m going with a CSGM. If I just need a pop of color or to tie an outfit together, I wear a regular carre.
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  11. Well. I decided to re-catalog my Hermes scarves today (mostly for insurance purposes).

    A few learnings:

    * Much to my surprise, I have multiples of the same design in different colorways (I did know about some designs, but some caught me by surprise).
    * There are some scarves that I own just because they feel collectible (an example is the 1998 World Cup one I posted in a different thread which I have never actually worn, but like having).
    * I simultaneously have too many scarves and not enough.
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  12. I once went through my scarf collection and for each scarf noted the artist, year of issue and colour to see if there was any kind of pattern. No pattern emerged, but I also noted more duplicate designs in different colour ways than I realised!

    Your comment about simultaneously too many and not enough scarves reminds me of the statement by famous alcoholic Jimmy Greaves that “one drink is too many and a thousand not enough” so perhaps we are Hermesaholics!?
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  13. Hermesaholics Anonymous here, for sure!
    I'm also keeping a chart with info about the designs and years, but have started another column: why I like this scarf. Also sometimes I jot down how and why I bought it: "was stalking it on eBay, price suddenly dropped," or "someone on tPF enabled me," LOL, and info like that.
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  14. I have a little scarf puzzle that I'd appreciate help with. I've recently sent ten (ten!!!) 90cm scarves off for consignment, leaving me with a nice collection of 28, with no color holes and very few color overlaps. I have promised myself that I will carefully scrutinize any new (either new-new or preloved) scarf that I add to my collection, looking especially for color overlaps. I don't want to keep re-buying the same blue scarf with complex mythological designs on it! :annoyed:

    And this is where my little puzzle appears. This season, I (like many others) am fascinated with Acte III. The colorway that I think would work best for me is CW05. But look what happens when I plunk it between Ex Libris et Kimonos and Mythes et Metamorphoses!

    Screen Shot 2018-07-13 at 12.31.56 PM.png

    Is it just my imagination, or do they all "read" pretty much the same? Especially the two on the left. Of course, the designs are totally different, but I wouldn't be waving the scarves in front of me... I would be wearing them. Most likely folded in a bias fold & knotted in the front with a square knot, since this is my go-to knot.

    When I get to the boutique (in mid-October) I will of course bring both scarves with me to check. Assuming that this CW of Acte III is still available. But in the meantime, I would love anyone's thoughts on this. :flowers:
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    I like this concept! Good info to have!

    I can see the dilemma. You look fabulous in all your bandanas, and none of them are green/blue. I don't have any issues with some overlap. It is bound to happen as I tend to like scarves with lots of colors in them and especially purples. But I would check out a different CW of acte iii in October to vary from the ELenK. Maybe 12 or 7? 12 has some greens (a little overlap) but balanced with purple. And CW 07 has some deeper teal tones, though may be too close to M et M. Maybe check CW 10 also. It's got rich brights. And the beautiful all red CW 03 is very different in styling and subject matter to your bandana