Scarves Love it then leave it ,how do you curate your scarf collection?

  1. I can attest to this - both Wine and scarves.
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  2. Thanks! It is a very pretty color. You should see how Cookie DIYd hers!
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  3. I’ve seen other colorways on the website. They’re not up for long. Keep stalking!! ;)
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  4. Curious -- do you think that the current number of scarves you own is enough? I wish I were in such a stable shopping equilibrium.

    Did you arrive to any conclusions? I feel like I have enough scarves where an analysis of my own collection would be statistically significant, but I also am reasonably confident there is no correlation between scarf provenance and frequency of wear for me.

    I too don't like the big cat ones, although I tried on Baobab Cat today in 90cm, and it was quite nice.

    Do you feel like you actually need variety? I think it's totally normal to stick to a color scheme...

    I wholeheartedly support Number 8. I have been known to buy a Sans Souci scarf before heading there...
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  5. Wine and scarves, as the song goes “these are a few of my favourite things”!
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  6. I totally agree. I have learned a lot from owning, wearing, pondering, and maybe then releasing scarves. Even playing with something in the boutique is not as enlightening as jus having it in your collection for awhile. I have lots of pictures of me wearing scarves I no longer have. I think, Wow that looks good, then realize I don't have it any more, then think Well that was fun to have for awhile, then whatever. I'm not crying. I do have too many 90s, though, LOL.
  7. Mmmmm. Scotch.....
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  8. I'm pretty good about releasing my scarves too. Although I have to say that one scarf that I didn't wear much is now getting a lot more wear. I bought a dress that it looks great I think it was more about finding something that really made the scarf pop. Of course, that means that it isn't a very flexible one. I guess that is one of my criteria is that the scarf needs to look good with a wide range of colors.
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  9. Another thought came to mind this morning regarding collections as I was looking at yet another 140 moussie online. I have bought 2 online and then sold them. I have tried on a bunch at the boutiques and looked at a zillion online. I love the way they look on others, love the ethereal beauty, love the changeants, love their durability, etc. But when I put them on, they just don't make my heart sing. I don't know why. I have this weird love-but-not-on-me thing with moussies.
  10. I am having this exact conversation with real-life friends. I love moussies in theory, but can't integrate them well into my wardrobe and style. I'm not great at tying them, for one thing, but I will try to work on this!!
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  11. Exactly moma. There are times you just don't know until you've "lived with it" for a time. The early exploration phase and exploring my likes and dislikes through "bargain" scarves has been no bad thing. Now I've found some of my "fits" in terms of H scarves, buying new is less risky. Tango shoes are much the same way. You'd basically have to buy a pair (or 2 or 3 or whatever) and "live" with them a while to see if they worked on you. Dance shoes are not at all like "street" shoes and they have to be a near perfect match for your foot needs. "Problems" like insufficient padding, heels that aren't placed EXACTLY where you like them, etc...come out after a few wears, then there went $200-250...Now that I have my Regina tango shoes, I reached stable point in shoe fit and accessibility.

    It'd be interesting to have a poll on people's favorite formats for their collections, and the ways they tend to tie their scarves, as it is my theory people are going to gravitate to a format that favors the tie/ties they use/like most.

    In terms of moussies and liking them or not liking them, I find you have to think a little differently about them and change your tieing methods from that of regular silk if you want to maximize them. I usually don't like the way they (GM's) look in cowboy tie, so if cowboy tie is a someone's most used tie, I can see how there would be very little attraction for them in moussies because they can get kind of flat and flyaway looking in cowboy tie (except maybe the extinct 90's). But CSGMs do look good in cowboy tie, so I can see being attracted to them or 90s for that reason if cowboy or other simialr drapes are your go to. And yay! (or woe to the pocketbook???) for someone who likes all formats and ties . :P Lanit does a masterful job of this and I would say she adapts to the material rather than trying to make the material do a particular thing. She is equally at home in CSGM as moussie GM, but if you ever notice her posts, they generally will not be tied the same way.

    FWIW- I'm always jealous of people who can make cowboy tie look good, because I have to work so hard to make that one work on me....and it is such an easy "go to" tie that can look spectacular. And I've only JUST figured out a way to make a variant on asymmetric tie work on me....
  12. (Brushing cookie crumbs off)
    What? You wanna see?
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  13. I hope they keep making those tango shoes! Nothing like finding the perfect fit only to have the style change.....
    Very smart observation about one's favorite ties needing to match the format. I will ponder this. And you nailed it with @lanit's skillz with both formats. She is an artist.
    Congrats on making the asymmetric tie work! Life becomes so easy.
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  14. Minor additional hack as today:
    --the V of my shirt was too deep, so skin was showing below the gavroche, which looked weird
    --I couldn't find my Mors ring
    --I could find my little magnets (theoretically for keeping the more unlikely ties in place)

    So magnet-ing together the very ends of the points together gave me 2 inches more hang than tying it. And I can pretend to have a delicate, swan-like neck like bunnycat. :biggrin:
  15. Ooh, magneting the ends together! What a great idea!
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