Scarves Love it then leave it ,how do you curate your scarf collection?

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  1. :lol: I do feel sometimes studying H scarf history, formats and releases and having and keeping up with a collection is like studying for a an art degree.

    Is it the pink Mustangs? It's so cute! We've got summer formats coming up soon on SOTD. I'm going to have to remember to add the Bandanas back in to it.
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  2. :lol:
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  3. Yes, the pink one. With white mustangs, and black doodads (that's the technical term). I only have three bandanas, and I don't wear them much... not a format that I reach for very often. But sometimes they're just the right amount of silk to amp up an outfit, without making the commitment of 90 entire centimeters.

    I just love the way you rock your gavs, but I guess my neck isn't the right size or shape, or something, because they just don't work for me. Too bad, because gavroches are a great way to get a bit of color into an outfit for a bit less $$$. I do it with twillies, though, and that's fun too. This thread is inspiring me to pull out my twillies more!
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  4. I love love love the idea of a peeking portal of enticing H scarves!!!:flowers:I hope we see that design soon!

  5. Psst- you can use your Mors ring to extend a pocket square and it will feel more like a 55. :tup:
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  6. Ooh, how does that work? Can you explain please?
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  7. Just fold in a triangle and tie the ends to each side of the Mors ring, gives it a few extra inches:

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  8. Cool!!!
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  9. This is the reason I don't have a paypal account and share my E=bay one with DH. I think it'd be too easy to get tempted by 'bargains' or 'almosts'.
  10. Oh dear- I sincerely hope MrBcat never ever ever looks at my ebay purchase history..... Make up I can't find anymore that I like, scarves, bags, Goth t-shirts.... I'd probably get.... :bagslap: then locked up. :lol:

    But I don't regret the purchases from ebay, even if they didn't work out and they end up moving on. I did learn a lot from it. And it is better if I took a little loss on an eBay bargain than a big loss on a full price 90, or (don't even speak it) lots of full price 90s if I had to sell them because they didn't work out.
  11. I used to have regrets over the mistakes, but now I just chalk it up to a learning experience. Am I rationalizing? Welllllll....
    But there's something to be said for taking the time to develop a connoisseur's eye. They say that if you want to become a wine connoisseur, you have to open a LOT of bottles! :biggrin:
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  12. :lol: too true. Though we do Scotch instead. :smile:. I do all the Scotch buying around here. MrBcat is not allowed to purchase a brand until I've had first whack at it because he is so infernally hard to buy gifts for, so I get first pick in any brand. So far so good after 8 years of buying with only a few "meh" purchases. I enjoy researching them.

    I don't think it's rationalizing. Most of us have a limited budget and when you just aren't sure how much you are going to like something, whether it will work out at all or like something that is hard to find, well...finding a bargain to try is no bad thing, imo.
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  13. It’s a good thing you haven’t sworn off, because there’s a little Baobab Cat pocket square that’s looking for a home. :graucho:
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  15. Love this color way!
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