Scarves Love it then leave it ,how do you curate your scarf collection?

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  1. I planned this as a New Years resolution, but time went by and we’re already in March...

    I challenged myself to wear a unique scarf per week for the next 6 months, hopefully matching SOTD theme, and once worn that scarf would be placed in a “safe” pile, with any unworn scarves to be swapped out via the evil bay.

    I figured that 26 scarves is enough for anyone (feel free to disagree!) therefore this exercise should weed out those which are lovely but just not for me. I’m intrigued to see where this takes me, and whether I can bear to part with the scarves I fell in love with but did not wear.

    I’m also really interested to hear from others - how do you curate your collection and how do you feel when the thrill of the chase fades once you own the scarf?
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  2. This is a good question and could be best in a new thread? Not sure one exists already. Defer to our dear scarf mistresses.....
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  3. I’m going to try to go with the SOTD themes just to make it more challenging, but already I’m struggling to think of anything in my collection with clocks bar M&M, which lies unworn....
  4. Please start a new thread. I love lots of threads about scarves. I won't be getting rid of any of my scarves though and I have a lot more than 26
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  5. Here's a couple of threads that I know have plenty of collection discussion in them:

    and here was another

    Maybe these can give you a start in figuring your way through your scarf conundrum!
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  6. I've always thought looking for scarves is a bit like hunting for mushrooms , the delight of finding a rare and tasty specimen is as good as eating it .
    The thrill of the chase can become and end in itself, fortunately I have no problem in selling something I've bought online that doesn't look as great on me as I'd hoped .
    But what about those that we wear and wear , then suddenly they loose appeal when a newer and younger version enters your life?

    I don't normally sell my CSGMs , love there is permanent .The one exception was the pink Marwari , now I know I feel uncomfortable in Rose Vif.
    My most recent cull was 140cm Mousselines, I decided the aesthetic wasn't in line with my lifestyle.
    I've no regrets so far .
    I suppose in the end it's a question of numbers, too many unworn scarves feel like a burden.

  7. Just jumped in and started a thread, I don't know if it will survive the night!
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  8. I like the topic frou frou, mainly because I find myself going through this myself right now. I only found a couple of threads on scarf curation, and one was MYH's thread. Mistikat might be able to tell us if this is covered somewhere better so I'll defer to her if she moves it. For now though, I'm happy to discuss since this is a continuing question for me as well.

    I talked about it a little in MYH's thread, but that is really her thread, and she kindly lets us ramble there. I'm currently in the midst of scarf culling myself and I totally understand that things I was dying for a couple of years ago, may now be meh....and other loves have since come on to the scene as it were.

    I try not to let myself get hung up on this and just let them go if they need to go. I have been trying to be careful about it, and not mistake temporary disinterest for a permanent one. In some cases, that's easy to do and others not so much. So far, I'm coming to the conclusion that when I have something similar that I clearly reach for more, then its ok to rehome to other thing that I am not reaching for.

    My latest case of this was a 90cm mousseline (Parures des Sables). It's black and gold, and I have found over the last year anytime I reach for a black and gold scarf it is almost always Cavaliers d'Or which is a GM. I hemmed and hawed a while, but eventually decided if the 90cm found a new home, it would be ok. And it did, and I'm ok....I seem to reach for the GM size most of the time....we'll see if I change my mind over the summer....

    A few twillies have gone to better homes. Some of those were bought before I understood what I look for in a twilly, so no regrets there either.

    Also, in a conversation on another thread with marietouchet about scarf insurance and scarf collection values, I decided to add mine up (:wtf:) and so have been in streamline and refine mode ever since! I really DON'T want to end up with over 100 scarves (maybe at the 10 year mark I'd be ok with that, but this is the start of year 5 for Pete's sake and I don't WANT to hit 3 digits by end of this year!)

    So I'm having a one in one out frame of mind right now, purchasing things that seem to suit where I am right now, but aware that could change again in a couple of years....
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    I did want to ask though about the 140's. What do you feel about them that was not for you? You like the pareos right? Is it just a matter of the different fabric makes a different aesthetic for you? I have yet to try a pareo, but my initial plan is to treat them the same as a 140.
  10. H scarves especially the silk ones make excellent room and office decorations (ie. Custom framing). Perhaps a worthwhile option for those pieces that you no longer enjoy wearing but can enjoy viewing in your room, living room, or office !
  11. I just submitted my first custom framing piece to my local framer... happy to share pics in 2 weeks’ time when it’s ready! First office decoration, then depending on the final look - I want to get one for my room!
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    Bunnycat , thanks for joining in here. MYH has a wonderful thread about her own collection and has mentioned why she has released a few scarves with reasons why .I found that so interesting and really just wanted to have a place where we can talk about the subject, spin ideas and even ask advice,

    So….140cm Mousselines. I truly admire the way they look on others and developed a huge desire to own a red Carre Kantha after seeing it on Arabesque's blog , and an even larger one to acquire that phenomenal orange Fantasies Indiennes on MaiTai's wonderfully enabling pages.
    Neither have come my way , but the first 140cm I found was Fantasies Indiennes in pink and black.
    It's a wow piece but I always felt frumpy in it , so off it went.
    It's all about the feeling I get when I wear a scarf , once I take against it the poor scarf's days are numbered!
    A very glamorous friend wears her Mousselines like a Queen , I wanted some of that action and cravenly copied her on a couple .
    The magic wasn't there for me, I felt they were too fussy and I looked more like the Queen Mother. At my age we don't want to feel like that!
    I suppose I dress to a certain silhouette and floaty scarves aren't quite the right accessory .
    The pareo is just so different . A Mousseline is refined and feminine, a cotton voile pareo feels super casual yet the colours and pattern are divinely Hermès.
    I wear my Flamingo Party such a lot , and of course on holiday it's wonderful .Highly recommend a Pareo , and Robe de Soir is beautiful in the format.
    Here's a long gone Moussline, Fantasies Indiennes
    Fantasies fabric4-up on 06-07-2015 at 13.20 #5 (compiled).jpg Fantasies FULL LNGTH  fiPhoto on 06-07-2015 at 13.03.jpg
  13. Do share it, love to see ! I know a lot of people like to frame scarves and you'll find a couple of threads with photos .
    We have so many paintings and no room , not even for a scarf!
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    For me it's sometimes it's often the other way round. I think it's just about us knowing our own quirks and what works for us (or not).

    I tended to not wear my most precious scarves because...I don't know why, whereas the ones I tend to care less about get worn more (ridiculous I know). They are all carefully selected, but some just look good on, very wearable colours for me etc. I am getting better at wearing the 'precious' ones though.

    I am also really moody with colours and cannot ever wear anything I'm not feeling 'on the day'. There are a few colours I have to wear for a few days but then it can be weeks until I can want to wear them again. I wore red, red, pink Nov, Dec, even Jan. Now I notice I'm wearing black, dark blue and dark green so much. I'm not sure there's any colour I don't wear, perhaps just certain shades. That means I have to keep my 'rainbow', you never know what colour I'll be feeling tomorrow :biggrin:.

    And I go in phases of style. There are days I only want to wear graphics, cannot touch anything that looks too much like anything and then wham, I'm back to animals, boats or flowers.

    Formats are the most problematical for most people. I agree with not having to work too hard to make these work. They either do or they don't work on a daily basis but it's good to have just a couple of options.

    Gavs I have were usually bought because it was just unmissable in the cw or was so special. Love the 55s and 70s format though. I won't get rid of any of these but I have enough so I don't look at the small formats anymore.

    Days I need a CSGM are limited, I don't usually get that cold, they also take up a lot of space so unlike silk 90s I can't just roll it in my silk pouch and chuck in my bag if I'm hot. If it's really, really freezing I'll wear a 90 under a thick wool or pure cashmere scarf. CS100s are a great size. For me to buy more cashmeres, they'd have to be cws and designs that work in cashmere, I favour bold designs and cws that are my core colours, those are pretty rare.

    I don't have that many mousselines either but I don't mind either 140s or shawls, I don't confine these to Summer like H but they have to be stand out to warrant the prices.

    I have one giant silk, I think they're harder to wear, basically I wear it as a shawl in Summer.

    I also don't believe in 'beater' scarves. I have scarves that were not bought pristine and am happy to use these walking on the hills etc but I would never buy any scarf just because it was a bargain, I'd rather put the money towards a 'grail' and (eventually) wear it 4 x as much.
  15. I will buy 'my' pareo when the right one comes along.

    Certainly not wanting to be perceived as something one is def not has a lot to do with having to find the right format.

    I find the 90s so versatile and strong, I can trust myself with them, I feel authoritative. I also like they're not popular with anyone else around me.