Love it or leave it?

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    Hi everyone
    I saw this Marc Jacobs snapshot bag in burgundy with a lovely black and gold striped strap. It seemed really perfect for autumn. It was about $215. Current retail is about $300.

    I think it could look very special on certain occasions. Thoughts? (Please ignore tassle covering front logos :P)
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  2. It's super cute. The strap makes it somewhat casual, so it would be good for weekends when you're out enjoying fall. You may also be able to change out the strap (there are people on Etsy who sell straps) to make it dressier as well. I'd keep it.
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  3. I like it. The wide strap should be super comfortable.
  4. I like it too, and the strap colors are appealing to me. Did you end up keeping it?
  5. i bought a Snapshot bag 2 months ago and i loooove it. It's super cute and can be used as a clutch as well. Plus, u can change the straps ..making it look like another bag altogether. Go for it!!