Love it or Hate it????


Love it or hate it?

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  1. What do you think of this little Burberry bag (pics below)? I think it would make a cute make-up case. Maybe as an evening clutch for a casual night out??? Please vote!
  2. Here are pics!
  3. it's cute! i saw it in the Manhattan store and wanted it, but then i have enough makeup cases :lol:!
  4. Cute make up case, not a cute clutch... (because the hardware looks more like a make up case)
  5. sorry i didnt vote:blink: cause aaaa i am not loving it niether hating it!!:shrugs:
    its one of those items you have to see in real life to determine! :huh:
  6. agreed!
  7. cute for make up
  8. I couldn't vote, because I really don't HATE this gorgeous little bag! I was going to purchase the bag myself (especially, it was on sale) but stopped short of buying it. I had some experiences with metallic bags fading, so with heavy use this little bugger would surely fade too. Even on sale, this little bag is not cheap.
  9. It would make a nice make up bag
  10. Not into it as a clutch but it would be great for make-up. But then I think, why buy something so pretty that no one ever sees and just carries make-up. I'm kinda practical in that way. I don't use designer make-up bags.