LOVE it or HATE it?

  1. I really need help with this.. I want to get the Dior Trotter Romantique Large Brown Flap Bag. I like it but my sister-in-law say it's okay and it kinda look like an old lady bag. What should I do? Should I still get it. Do you girls like it or hate it?:sad:
  2. omg !!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is the bag i have been looking for for months !!!! Viv where is this pic from ?:heart: :nuts:
  3. i mean that mini beige trotter ...i just flipped !!!!:heart: :nuts: :heart:
  4. btw ...NO trotter romantique look like an old lady bag...they are sweet and charming i would go for it !!! :yes:
  5. Wow those are nice :heart: I love them all ! :yahoo:
  6. That bag is so adorable. It sophisticated and elegant, not old lady. :smile:
  7. Love it.
  8. Hi, nataliam, that mini beige trotter is avaliable in the outlets right now for $280 + tax. Last I heard the outlet in desert hill has a ton of them. :heart: and of course they dont look like old lady bags, they look cute and elegant at the same time
  9. By the way, I think it's also avaliable in Orlando outlet, the ph number to Dior Orlando (407) 239-0090 and cabazon desert hill dior outlet's # is 951-922-3606

    Good luck :heart:
  10. The only thing I dont like about these is the diordiordiordiordiorx1000 print. They do not look like old ladies' bags.
  11. how much is the bag on the bottom?????
  12. I think all of Dior bags are not for old lady bags. They're all are so chic. My first bag is chanel and I think some of chanel bags are for old rich lady, and now I'm totally converted to dior. I feel it's very young, very chic. I see alot of old lady carry chanel or lv, but I don't see alot of old lady carry dior, that's another thing I like dior bags. These bags are definitely for young people. There are absolute ELEGANT!!!!!! AND CUTE!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Def not an old lady bag and hope you decided to get one

  14. i live in ireland ....:crybaby:

  15. If you call the outlets would they ship? :hrmm: