Love it or Hate it? V-day is coming!

  1. So I'm single this Valentine's Day. I'm all about being an independent woman, but at the end of the day, I just want the stable bf. 1 of my best friends broke up with her bf a couple of months ago and wants to drink that night away.

    I actually made strides toward finding that guy and registered on eharmony (never would have done that before, but figured why not). I was unmatchable! Well supposedly, my personality doesn't fit in their profiles so they find it too hard to find a match for me. Kinda bummed me out and made me laugh.

    Otherwise, I may have drinks or dinner with the aforementioned friend--something casual. I just hope my ex doesn't send me anything like he did last year (we had already broken up by then or do I want something so I don't feel lonely?!). And I've made a vow to myself to actually get out there and find that special guy next V-day!
  2. v-day was no fun when i had a bf, so it's no fun now.

    except i buy myself chocolate and drown my (lack of) boyfriend sorrows in some godiva.
  3. Go buy yourself a box of Godiva! They're having a great diamond sweepstakes for Valentine's Day.

    And get valentines for your friends and family -- everyone likes to receive them from someone they care about!
  4. I, too am single this v-day. Lorihmatthews is right everyone loves to receive gifts. ahem!! Me too! LOL But what do you get a male friend for v-day?? Any ideas??
  5. This may sound silly, but when I was single, my single friends and I would go and donate blood on Valentines Day. Since we didn't have v-day dates, it felt good to do something positive instead of feeling sorry for ourselves.

    Then we would all go out for dinner and drinks (not too many since we just gave blood and all...)

    It must have provided me with good karma b/c I have a lovely husband now...:love:
  6. I enjoy Valentine's Day. My fiance and I don't have much money so we like to use that and our Anniversary as excuses to treat ourselves to a nice night out. I know it's very Hallmark but any holiday revolving around love is ok by me.
  7. I used to throw a big party every Valentine's Day.

    ~Only single gals were invited. Not even gals in a long distance thing could come.
    ~Chocolate fondue was served. And I didn't use cheap chocolate for it.
    ~I asked guests to bring either champagne or fondue dips, like strawberries.
    ~I urged guests to create limericks about dating and recite them at the party. Waaaaay too funny.

    These were some of my best parties and I am known for GREAT parties.
  8. Valentine's day sucks when you've just broken up...
  9. Profnot...your party sounds like fun!! V-day is not a really big deal w/ DH and I. I'm not a big roses or candy I usually get some sort of sparlie something! Also, his b-day is 2 days after, so I really try hard to make it special for him.

  10. Cool suggestions here.
    Why don't you try matchdotcom?
  11. Love it..I have a bf but we never exactly celebrate other than saying "happy Valentine's day." Last year though we got each other itunes gift certificates lol.
  12. I hate it.. I've been with my bf on V-day for the past 3 years, now he's out of the country so I'll be alone.. :sad:
  13. Hates it.

    I have myself to love so that's all that matters! :p
  14. I know the feeling :crybaby: I'm finishing up my degree, but I'll be returning in a few months. It's so hard to be almost 7000 miles apart!! :yucky:
  15. Hate it! Why use only this one day to show your love and affection for your other half when you can have the other 364 days to do just that?