Love It Or Hate It: Dresses With Pockets

  1. [​IMG]
  2. I like it, though it can be a very young look.
  3. I think its cute.
  4. love it!
  5. Love it!!!!
  6. Love it! I recently bought two dresses with pockets & I really have been wearing them a lot.
  7. I like them but I don't think they are too dressy. I like them more as casual dresses.
  8. I kind of like it, at least it gives you a place to put your hands!!:p
  9. Hate! At least on me. They always accentuate my hips.
  10. I love it.
  11. Love it on high waisted skirts and on dresses-have 3 of each:yes:
  12. Love it!
  13. Love it - I have two skirts with pockets and they are fantastic.
  14. love it!
  15. adore it - i have half a dozen dresses with pockets. it helps add volume to a skirt, which i like (i have absolutely no hips), and gives me a place to put my cell phone so i can tell when it vibrates.