Love it - gotta get one

  1. [​IMG]

    I love Hermes from July onwards when all the new things start arriving! Gonna call my SA later today to see what's new out of Paris - but I MUST have an Osiris bracelet for summer!!!!
  2. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek, me too!!
  3. Love it too ;)
  4. Looks fabulous! Thanks for bringing it to our attention...
  5. Ooooh Love it!!! :nuts:
  6. Oh, how simply PERFECT that bracelet is!!! GF, I know this is the wrong thread, but I can't find the right one, so I'll ask you here: what didn't you like about the Victoria?
  7. luv2 - OK, for me, it was just too chunky. The straps are lovely and wide, and the bag is quite a good boxy shape, but all of this adds up to just looking too chunky on me. I tried on the VFT in etoupe, and immediately tried on the Plume 32 after it - it was like night and day - the Plume looked so refined, ladylike and elegant, and the VFT (on me) looked like a glorified gym bag....ironically, this is what I wanted it for, but I think I prefer my Garden Party for the gym, and I'll grab a Plume (when I find one in etoupe) for days that aren't Kelly or Birkin or Bolide days!
  8. Very nice!
  9. GF: I tried on an etoupe 32 Plume--the bag was gorgeous, just not on me. I looked like a cow trying to pull off wearing something that suits swan!
  10. ^NO! I cannot imagine that you look anything like that!!

    Did you try the VFT in etoupe? It's a great bag, but just not on me. I LOVE how it looked on Duna.
  11. Grands Fonds, we have one at our store. And our dear asa has one. It looks great on her.

  12. Love it too, they have so much bracelets I want!
  13. oooooooo, love that!!!!!!!
  14. Ahhhhhhh, I remember seeing Asa's. Very pretty indeed. :tup:

  15. Aw, thanks mrss. I do like it! They have it in black and barenia too.