Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta

  1. This cannot be real. This has to be scripted bc are some woman really as stupid as this girl MimI. & this "entertainer" girl does se always wear clothes that need to block out her boob area.
  2. I need you to check out the latest installment of Miss Funky Dineva!!! He's doing hair :lol:
  3. This show is crazy! It has to be scripted because I don't know what girl would let a guy bring his side chick to a party that they're all going to be at. Ack I would have smacked Joseline and Stevie so hard! I don't even want to imagine if this was Chrissy and Jim Jones...that Joseline chick would be flying across the room lol

  4. It has to be scritped, I just cannot believe a person would allow people to make them look like a complete fool on national TV! & The guy Stevie, usually people don't want to get caught and he's all out there for everyone to see. If this is real, this Mimi chick needs some serious counciling and needs to get her some self respect & confidence because there is NO WAY IN HELL I could ever allow someone to treat me that way.
  5. Exactly!!

  6. I don't even have any interest in this show I put on VH1 to watch Single Ladies and caught it on the tail end of this epi. :couch: I watch in complete disbelief :amazed::shocked::confused1:because I just couldn't believe my eyes:wtf:. Then at some point IDK if it was when the epi started over after Single Ladies but it seemed her friend was more hurt for her than she was. Here's her friend crying to her about what Mimi's man is doing to Mimi. IDK maybe it was out of frustration for her to open her eyes, IDK but Mimihas to be the dumbest :oh:girl I've ever seen in my life.
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    Chile I seee'nt it. That shirt with the back out with bands. And then colored denim pants. Yes gawd. The flaming pink flamingo wigs killed it at the end. Lmao.
    image-4021942470.jpg image-1283816956.jpg image-1071916053.jpg image-3717885249.jpg
  8. In my Maury voice ---
    I the case of 20 maybe 30 something Joselina - Stevie J it IS a MAN. ( everybody gets up fighting , except for Stevie cause he knows. ). Crowd sighs and applauds.
    Next segment.
    Will Mimi still stay.----
  9. I refuse to watch this show (normally if I don't watch a show, I don't read any threads about it), but you gals are KILLING ME today on this thread :roflmfao::roflmfao:
  10. This whole group of women deserve their own song. I've found the perfect one:

  11. can anybody ID the colored denim?
  12. :roflmfao: I am watching the video now. At first I thought he was wearing a bathing suit.
  13. I'm still trying to figure out what Joslene is
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    generic, lol

    Dineva is hilarious
    and that does look like a bathing suit/body suit...maybe ASOS???
  15. I love Momma Dee!!! she had me when she got mad reliving her baby with Diamond :roflmfao: it reminded me of a girlfriend from middle school