Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta

  1. I'd say In order
    Frankie- x crackhead who lost her kids
    Ann (AI's mom) for having babies in her old age by men young as if not younger than Chuck
    Momma Jones- Those shorts and square heeled sandals
    Lil' Scrappy's mom- She was a G, slanging, hood yes, ratchet no
  2. Lawd Mama Dee
  3. So why didn't k.michelle just say Memphitz name?
    momma D is ova, confronting that girl about her addict mother, lol no meds in 5 days, I love the honesty
  4. So this Trini artists is the best LA Reid's son can do, sad
    Jocelyn is one of dem wild side chicks, that would Neva Eva go anywhere
    Mimi shoulda slapped him
    did Stevie really expect this not to come out during taping...maybe they're all in on the take $$$$
  5. Mimi said her trust factor is really low. Um girl then leave. I can't and won't be with a man I can't trust. Mimi is the Emily of the show.
  6. I wish a ***** would tell me to get anything through my head and that she isn't going to stop working with my man, Joseline & Stevie are good, they are playing old girl for a snake liar, Joseline must have that good crazy ***** pussy, cause she's throwing drinks and rushing him via phone, Drama!!!
  7. Mimi needs to listen to her friend and get some self esteem. Sad. I rather be alone than deal with this.
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    A bum dude like Stevie is always going to go where the $ is, MiMi is the worse, we shouldn't have seen her & Stevie communicating in any more episodes
    glad scrappy stes to Stevie regarding his girl, cause Stevie sure let Joseline disrespect Mimi, I'm hooked, this show reminds me of the drama I cut out my life and the friends who make poor decisions
  9. Ok, you are killing me! :roflmfao::roflmfao: I agree with you on the order but WackaFlocka's momma should be tied with Momma Jones.

    LA Reid's son is a big ole hot mess and Stevie j is the best he can introduce his rat too? Oops, meant rapper.

    Stevie J is a punk for letting Joe-celyn just disrespct MiMi and him. (s)he threw a drink at him when he went after MiMi and he turned around and went back to Joe-celyn, wtf?!
  10. ole basic a$$

    lmao !!!!
  11. Joe-celyn looks like a Rihanna wanna be and K. Michelle reminds me of Donna Summer. I like K. Michelle so far!
  12. a NASTY a ole piece..

    im not finding him as entertaining when michelle brown talks in the back- to much of a distraction.. he posted on twitter they done found rodney king dead to da pool.. i hollered... cause that whitney houston dead to da tub had me throwing up...
  13. ratchet-- ah mimi- when stevie got in the car with the skank, you got your answer..... wowsers-- he is a grimy dude.. i would never mess with him-- he grimey as all outdoors... dirtball hood