Love-Hewitt's Bag @ Grammys

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  1. Loveeeeeee.. Jennifer Love-Hewitt's bag at the Grammys..
    It's a white bag.. Can somebody ID it for me???... I'm going to do some searching too... It's soooo cuteee... and sooo perfect... I finally found a perfect clutchh...
  2. Try to find a picture!! I missed the Grammy's so I feel like a bad fashionista and need to catch up on it all!
  3. Not so clear but there you go!
    jennifer-love-hewitt 1.jpg jennifer-love-hewitt 2.jpg jennifer-love-hewitt 4.jpg
  4. hm i can't really tell the bag, but i do like her dress... its probably going to be difficult to find the name of that bag because she didn't even know who she was wearing! lol but good luck its cute
  5. Wow, the dress is less than flattering. Needs better support up top.
  6. Cute bag, cute dress, bad hair.
  7. You made me laugh hard!:lol: :lol: :lol:
  8. it kinda looks like the ysl bow bag.
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