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  1. I am sooo excited.

    i was bored today and I looked around, yes I know evil.

    I have never actually bought there before, I normally called my SA and have her get what I want.

    but...recently i decided I wanted the Lions/Africa Hermes enamel bracelet.....but the PM size was all sold out.

    and it totally was online and I nabbed it.

    I am assuming the 2.5 diamater is the smaller/pm size right?

    also it said wide version...which is the middle width...there is the super thing, middle width and very wide.

    am i correct? is shipping out tomorrow. They were so nice on the phone!

    yay!!! good times!
  2. oh and another thing...does take items off the site immediately after sale....

    just want to make sure I secured this baby!
  3. Excellent, can't wait to see the pictures, yay!
  4. I love, too. Whenever I want a new scarf in a certain colorway, I email them and they email back with the store that has it in stock and the phone number - they even offer to have someone call me if I prefer! :tup:
  5. oh wow that is GREAT. I normally don't buy online or other stores but only thru my SA, but I couldn't have gotten my bracelet in the stores.

    nice folks I tell ya.
  6. thats awesome, GG! i'm thinking i'd score some nice small items there for the holidays!
  7. Wey thanks for info gucci
    Looking forward to seeing the pics

    So good to know of such a positive experience.

  8. I wouldn't worry - the bracelets are always on the website. I'd assume that if it's still showing up, it's because they have more than one in stock. Congrats! great bracelet, I have the super-thin one in the light blue colorway. Let's see pictures when it arrives!
  9. congrats on your purchase!do they only ship within usa?
  10. Congrats in advance, guccigal. I love looking at
    I even like to click on the non-U.S. locations to see what the other
    offerings are elsewhere. :smile:
  11. Congrats Gucci
    I can't wait to see pics. You find the neatest things
  12. guccigal07: you are lucky! My first shopping experience with wasn't very good. I ordered the Eau des Merveilles gift set and it got mixed up. They sent me the Un Jardin en Mediterranee instead.

    The corrective action was a HUGE mess and they had to call me more than 10 times to get the order right.

    I told them it was okay, I'd keep the Un Jardin en Mediterranee set and I requested them to send another Eau des Merveilles set. said that they would send me the correct order the next working days. I never got it after waiting for nearly a week and I called After further check in their system, said that they actually sent me another Un Jardin en Mediterranee gift set, which was the wrong order again.

    A few days later, they sent the UPS guy over to collect the second wrong shipment but I told them I never got it. Again, I called & they called up UPS. I was told that the UPS guy left the package outside my apartment door (Smart move ...).

    I had to wait for 3 weeks before I got my Eau des Merveilles set. It was very frustrating.
  13. oh great...I hope that doesn't happen to me. I just ordered it today. it has not shipped yet. I hope its all good. SHOOT. you got me worried.

    I hope they ship fedex and not ups. I hate ups!
  14. guccigal07: You will receive your item safe and sound. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!!
  15. i like FedEd and DHL (esp from Netaporter ! heehe) :smile:
    Ooo GG - cant wait to see your new goodies !!!

    I only wished they ship Int ...