lOvE HEr / LoVE hEr nOT ?

  1. I have been wanting this chameleon like colour for so long, a phone call description already set my heart beating faster.

    There she is, I love her ... brought her home.

    Snapped a few pics & made comparison with my existing collection

    Had second thoughts :push:
  2. Oohhh a reveal! :woohoo:
  3. My first live one? Show show!
  4. my second thoughts were :- the colours are quite alike ... shouldn't i wait for other colours.

    should i save my $ for other lovely H later.... my money tree hasn't produced more leaves lately...
  5. so i decided to sleep over it.

    In the office on thursday, starting going thru the pics i snapped & thought, oh too similar, don't need two dark tone bags.

    I am still yearning for black box kelly, black HAC ...

    So LoVE hEr nOT ...

    So, I send a text message to my SA to ask if it's okay to return & have store credit for my next bag....

    SA said ever so nicely, " Isn't this the colour you wanted? Maybe you go home & take a second look, the colour is so different in daylight."

    The next morning, my heart & stomach went up & down like butterflies in them.

    And, I LOVE HER !!! And, I will be keeping her!


    & so I get to reveal her here...
    DSC00483.JPG DSC00484.JPG DSC00486.JPG
  6. Oh wonderful! Lets see some more!
  7. Oh! My first live reveal!

    So far so good!
  8. it's a beautiful color Gem! Good decision!!
  9. any guess on the colour
  10. she looks mysterious in the night....
    DSC00490.JPG DSC00491.JPG DSC00492.JPG
  11. ^ that is why I was doubtful... too close to Cocoan that I have ...

    Roxane's comparison pic really helped a lot...

    Here goes the day pictures....
    P1010793.JPG P1010794.JPG P1010797.JPG
  12. & HER in full glory by herself...

    RAISIN TOGO 35 Retourne Kelly with PHW

    P1010789.JPG P1010792.JPG
  13. i will be off to pick up DD from tuition & thanks for sharing my joy to reveal her

    i am so happy to keep her.
  14. Raisin is glorious! Congratulations!!!

    I think you did well to keep it, your cacaon is sellier and this is retourne, so they definitely look different.

    Btw, does your raisin have contrast stitching? I was offered a 35 cm retourne Kelly in raisin that had slightly pink stitching – passed because 35 cm is too big on me, plus I have too many other purples!
  15. Raisin is gorgeous!!!!... Must Have!!..