love hayden harnett, but....

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  1. i am so annoyed....ordered their pallenberg clutch and got it today, so i am looking at it thinking its ok, a bit too small for my needs, but nice, then i look inside the credit card area, there are several slots for credit cards, and first off, you can barely get into that area, they have a piece of leather that covers the corners, but more importantly, your credit cards dont even fit into the slots! now i would think that they would have some kind of quality control to check these things out before they put it out there on the market??!! anyway, i am calling them this afternoon to vent and hopefully they will pay for my shipping back...but i doubt it. just wanted to vent!!:sad:
  2. That's really odd! Are there any slots that are sized for credit cards? Maybe they put some smaller slots in for business cards.

    Let us know what HH tells you.
  3. My husband bought me two passport covers from two different places (Tiffany and Furla not HH) and my passport didn't fit either of them!
  4. Connie, I have this little bag too, but hadn't ever thought to try putting cards in - I'll check on that this evening when I get home and report back. Let us know what HH says, be very interested in their response!
  5. ok, just got off the phone with h.h. they were super nice, they had to go and check one for themselves, she called me back and said it was really tight but they could get a credit card in, i told her i couldnt even get my card in. so they are issuing a call tag for a return and will credit my account. this does not sour me on hh, i have other bags from them and they are to die for.

  6. we feel your disappointment - but are thankful for a happy outcome...thanks for posting and to let others know about this issue w/the Pallenberg.....
  7. Cool... If it turns out I can't get cards in either, I'll try for a store credit, rather than a refund - I'm already waiting on a refund from an 8/7 purchase that they can't seem to get back on my card, so a store credit would be easier and I could get something else... but I'm counting my chickens before they are hatched, aye?
  8. Thanks for this thread! I'm looking at the Lido clutch wallet, and now I'll call them to ask to check the slot size before I order.
  9. Connie, I cannot thank you enough for discovering this - as soon as I got home, I got the bag out, and sure enough - the "credit card slots" are not big enough to put even a business card into.

    I've sent HH an e-mail requesting an RMA and return label; I tried to call their number, but I guess it was screwed up - got a Verizon message about improper mailbox.

    Alas - beautiful bag, faulty design - perhaps the maker screwed up, who knows...
  10. I just got my Pompidou clutch today and after reading this decided to check it, too. Credit cards will fit in the slot just barely, if I really force them in, but it's a real pain in the ass to get them in and out. I think someone forgot to factor in the thickness of the leather or stitching or something when measuring for these slots! Good thing I have a skinny card holder so I don't care much, but anyone buying this to use as a wallet would find it kinda useless!
  11. ^^ that's how my pompidou is too. I don't even use them, I just use the other slots because they are pretty useless!
  12. For those considering the clutch wallet, credit cards fit with plenty of room.
    By the way, I have ordered several different bags from the two recent sales and am still expecting a chaulk Beatrice and a Suki with owl but I will find it very difficult to empty my chocolate Ana for another bag. Like indiaink with her Inkas, I am in LOVE!!!
  13. How annoying. They definitely need quality control checking this stuff out! It's the little things that make a big difference!
  14. Interesting you say that as my cards fit just fine in my Pompidou. It is slightly a tight fit- but not obnoxiously so. Rather, it just seems like it's tight b/c the bag is brand new and (being as it's leather) once it gets used more, the slots will be just fine.
  15. still waiting for them to send me the return label, i just emailed them this morning about it, hopefully i will get it today so i can send it back soon; on my pallenberg clutch, it wasnt just a "tight" fit, they would not fit in there at all....i have several wallets from other companies and sometimes its tight at first and after using it for awhile, they loosen up, but this was not the case. hope this was helpful to anyone that has/or is thinking about any wallet from any designer.