Love/Hate Speedy

  1. I know the Speedy is a classic, but do some of you not like it cuz its so common and there are a lof fakes out there? Esp w/ the mono canvas.
  2. i love my speedies!!! i love my mono too, i don't care that there are fakes, that just proves that it is a coveted bag. plus, all that matters is that i know MINE is REAL!
  3. I like my Speedy Epi and my Speedy in Mini Lin very much! But the Mono is also a favorite bag for me. I'll buy a Mono 30 in the next time - i had one, but I sold it on eBay because I saw it so much on other people!:sad:
  4. I love my speedys. I have the azur 25 and the Epi 25 in red and I rarely see either of them. They are light and comfortable and look great . What could be better.
  5. love
  6. I love the speedy! You can't go around denying what you like because some people have fakes. Once you get a real one in your hands, you will know that there is NO substitute!:tup:
  7. I would have to say love my speedies. I have a Azur 25 and cerises.
  8. Sometimes it does annoy me to see so many fake speedy bags. I have a vintage monogram canvas speedy, and I've thought of selling it to get an EPI or Azur (scared it'll get dirty, though) speedy, but I'm not sure yet.
  9. I do hate it since it is such a classic and everyone I know has one. Even if it's not LV, they have a speedy-shaped purse.

    But it is soooooooo functional! And that is why I love it!
    I have 3 so far and plan on buying more. :p
  10. I absolutely 100% love my speedies. I have the 30 in mono and damier, and a 25 in mono (which I wore for a year before getting my 30 and haven't worn it since).

    About 2 months ago I bought a brand new petit noe in mono. While I really do love that bag too, I have never even worn it once. I will, but I just love my speedies SO much that I would feel strange not having one with me.

    I have many other really nice designer, prada, fendi, marc jacobs, but they never see the light of day any more. I have often thought of getting a chanel or a balenciaga, but keep reminding myself that I would probably not wear it. I guess my heart belongs to Louis, and especially to the speedy.
  11. you should be okay with azur as far as the dirt factor is concerned. the lighter part of the canvas does have some beige in it so it's not like it's all white. i have white MC bags that are a few years old and they're still as white the day i got em. and if it does happen to get dirty, it should wipe right off.
  12. I love love love my mono speedy 25. It is very functional and such a classic bag. I could careless who has it and how much it's faked. Whatever. That has never bothered me. I don't see them where I live anyway. I like and enjoy what I like and am at a point in my life where what others have doesn't concern me. I LOVE MY SPEEDY!!!!
  13. I love my speedies- I have mono 25 and damier 25 for rainy days! I use them the most out of all my LV's!
  14. I adore my speedies.

    The monogram 30 is my favorite bag!
  15. LOVE, I don't even have one but i want one in Damier but everything is copied these days and the fakes suck so idc. :smile:.