Love? Hate? .... Or just ok?

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  1. #1 Sep 12, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 12, 2010
    Pebbled leather (i'm a big fan of the pebbled leather)

    some brand ive never heard of: JENRIGO (supposedly made in italy)

    TJ Maxx $229 (plus tax :sad:

    Thanks for your brutally honest opinions!!!

    PS. i do like that it has satchel handles AND a crossbody strap. And you can carry it open (big) or folded over


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  2. this bags looks like it was made for u! i love love the variation of looks and it just rgt amt of slouch..and the color is lovely. im going to have to find a tjmaxx to see if i can try one on in person.
  3. yay! thanks! i LOVE tj maxx!!!

    but you're not helping me save money by returning it ;)
  4. I really can't see it all that well.....but it looks OK from what I can fits you nice......and I love pebbled leather.
  5. I like the design
  6. oh, i think it looks great on you!
  7. :woot:
  8. #8 Sep 12, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 12, 2010
    ...for your consideration :smile:

    ps. thanks luxe diva and airborne!

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  9. Spielberg1 - You are so cute! You look great rockin' that bag! I love the bag! It looks like a combination of a Linea Pelle and Abaco. Looks like something you will have for a very long time! Enjoy your new purchase!
  10. I think it looks great on you! :yes:
  11. thanks BgaHolic and Kelbell!

    oh my gosh the LAST thing i need is another bag -- i was just saying how suffocated i am by all mine -- but i couldn't leave this one there this morning...

    i'm just trying to find the willpower to return it... or NOT :smile:

    i think i would actually rather sell my minkoff roadie (if possible) and keep this one instead!

  12. this seems to be unanimous pro rather than con so far :smile:
  13. Looks great on you! I say it's a keeper!
  14. Looks terrific on you -- big fan of pebbled leather and I like the versatility. It's a keeper!
  15. i love it! It seems like a lot of bag for the money!