Love handles/ Hip FAT?!

  1. I know you can't really just lose fat in one area, but does anyone know of great exercises that really target your lower back(right above my butt area), hips and love handles?

    TIA! :flowers:
  2. I would like to know too! Definitely a problem area for me. :sad:
  3. After the baby, I can't seem to lose weight there. Everywhere else except that area. I would love to know!
  4. I just read an article that Pilates is good for this area.
  5. ^YES!
    pilates worked wonders for me!
  6. Lunges/squats have always been a miracle cure for me.
  7. Pilates and yoga work for me. Also, I started doing more cardio to lose fat and burn more calories :smile: Good luck.
  8. I wanted to join a gym to get active again and found out that it cost $200.00 for one month. For a year, it is $600.00. I was afraid to ask how much it is for a personal trainer because my hips where always a problem.
  9. Pilates seems to be the winner. I'm going to have to get some DVDs, and see how it works out.
  10. Ok...once again, the only way you can burn fat is through cardio. The only reason pilates might work is cause you're keeping your heart rate above normal for an extended period of time. In reality, any exercise that keeps your heart rate elevated for over 30 minutes a day will help you lose weight. Now, depending on your body's metabolism, that weight might drop from your legs, your arms, your midsection or your breasts, but you have no control over that.
    So, whatever exercise that will keep your HR up for extended periods of time, and that you'll stick with, is the exercise you need to do. Whether that's pilates, yoga, swimming, running,'s up to you.
  11. rawr i HATE the hip fat. i honestly...dont think there is a way to get rid of it...i think it depends on your body type cause i know a girl who is SOOOOOO skinny...and toned...and SHE still has the fat on the sides. it sucks
  12. cardio
  13. I find cardio + weight works wonders for me. I've been doing this thru Body Combat and Body Pump classes, this is my 4th month, and already I feel the difference. I also do at least 100 sit ups everytime I'm at the gym, although sometimes I forget, like today, LOL..
  14. since you seem to know so much.. i was wondering if you really need a trainer for pilates or is doing it on your own with the dvds alright?? i heard that jen aniston does pilates and her body is PERFECT!!!
  15. True, but in addtion to what you wrote, work outs like pilates tones the entire body, and especially small muscles close to the sceletal structure compared to running walking ect. This results in a more proportioned body than you'd achieve f.ex. by just running.

    Also building some muscles helps burn off the fat.

    I find the psychological effect of being in a class very important. If you sign up for a course you increase the chanse of feeling more obliged to participate and there's hardly any chanse of "giving up" halfway through the class. In addition you get a trainer that can push you harder, giving your work out more effect.