Love grows where my Rosemary goes....


Feb 12, 2009
Hands up whose singing :biggrin:

The question often comes up about love - and can it grow for a bag. Well in this case it most definitely did for me and Rosie.

I bought her on impulse one night - no questions asked - no extra pics - no authentication etc :nuts:

I was decidedly underwhelmed to say the least when she arrived .
She was a lot smaller than I expected and not in very good condition - the handles being very dark & yucky..
On the plus side she was a lovely colour and she was my beloved Darwin...
I set to and started cleaning and spraying and sandpapering and forming and slowwwwly she started to transform.
Whilst sandpapering away an ink mark inside I loosened some stitching in your bottom - ouch - and sent her off to SM for repair .
At the same time I enquired about having the handles replaced but decided it was too expensive relative to the price I had paid and declined the quote.
However , due to an error the handles were replaced by mistake and they agreed not to charge me !
The new handles transformed my ugly ducking into a beautiful swan...:tender:

Here she is - before & after


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Poppy bagfan

aka Poppy Dogfan
May 31, 2008
wow! She looks amazing! Well done Slow!

Can i ask what you used to clean her up? And what the quote was for the handles?

I am falling out of love with my battered oak darwin roxy and wonder whether she juts needs such an overhaul....

I love the colour of your rosie - its almost ginger in these pics! beautiful!


Jan 2, 2010
What a little cracker!! Very cute indeed, she is a bag to be proud of now. What a stroke of luck for you re the handle replacement too. She looks as good as new! What colour does she face up as in the flesh? On my screen she looks somewhere between burnt orange, gingerbread or red. xx