Love Green!!

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  1. I am wondering if Hermes has other greens besides vert anis and chartreaus? I love forest green and kelly green so much!:love:
    I love the new green (Sonoma Green) featured in the William Sonoma Septmember 2006 catalog for the Le Creuset pans/pots/dutch ovens!!
    I know I could call Hermes, but it's hard to describe over the phone...the nearest Hermes is about 300 miles away!
  2. OMG...I'm just imagining a 32 crocodile porosus HAC in a gorgeous true green with who knows what hardware...who cares! :hysteric:
  3. oh sorry I forgot about the color charts ?s have been answered.
    Mods...please close this thread....I'm :drool: at the other thread.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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