Love Goyard! got 2 new bags

  1. Hello! Just wanna share my new bags. I got them from Peninsula Hongkong.
    Yed, i hope you see this ;) , i dont think i can pm pics to you. Love the colors :love:
    plus both bags are so roomy. I wish we had a goyard sub forum :idea:
    Light blue Croisiere.jpg Inside.jpg Lt blu.jpg yellow goyard.jpg
  2. Beautiful bags! I have the fidgi in that sky blue shade. Are you going to do a monogram?
  3. Wow that blue color is amazing. Really pops out at you! Congrats, they are really really nice!
  4. Those bags are gorgeous!!! I absolutely love the colors!!
  5. Thank you patois, princessaj, and azia. I so want the croisiere to be monogrammed but it takes 6 months, Goyard HK sends it to Japan, although they said hopefully by March of next year HK will have their own.
  6. Love the croisiere. Such a pretty shade of blue!
  7. Congrats!
  8. Both of those colors look amazing! Congrats!
  9. Love them! So jealous!
  10. love the colors. congrats!
  11. thanks!!! ``i cant stop admiring the colors too, it's like the sky and a ray of sunshine :angel:
  12. I love that shade of blue. So pretty.
  13. Beautiful tomatojuice! Congratulations!!!
  14. what a beautiful blue color! Goyard's monograms always reminds me of Escher's art.
  15. I really like the blue bag. The color pops out! :yes: