Love from Paris reveal!!! A lot of shoes and pics!

Sep 27, 2006
Hi grils! I have been busy and haven't taken time to reveal...about 8 paires!
I was in Paris 2 for some vacation the last days and went to the JJR store! It is a jewel!!! I had the luck to see Mr Louboutin himself who was outside next to the shop, chatting on his mobile phone....I was to shy to say anything and moreover he was busy...after he ran into the new man store next to the lady store!
Anyway I had 4 pairs in the store: 3 from the A/W collection and a last one from the new S/S2012 collection:graucho:
The 4 other pairs are goodies I haven't time to reveal before! I have modelling pics for you ladies!!!!;)

Okay let's star with some little pic from the stores...I have some goodies for the men of the forum! Just for you I introduce the new louboutin store for men!:flowers: Then the JJR store for ladies with Pigalli and Very Mix, leopard Lady Higness...