Love for the Prisma Tote?

  1. i'm in the same boat u are vonvonne!!!! I love the minimalist look but also concerned about the stress of weight on those super thin handles!!
  2. I have one of these. Disappointed bc you're totally right. I bought it to carry my macair laptop (which is super light) but really don't feel like it could handle it without stretching the leather, or breaking the handles!
  3. thanks for the reply julia!
  4. This is actually a cute bag...I love the look. Definitely a cute tote bag & a great AW bag to add to the collection w/ the Rocco. I love the blue! Your bag looks wonderful as well.
  5. i LOVE this tote!!!!!!

    had to search high and low but finally was able to track one of these babies down....

    IMG_0052.jpg IMG_0057.jpg IMG_0059.jpg
  6. Does anyone have the prisma tote in the white color? I got it today and really like it but am worried about it getting dirty super quick. Also how is the inside of the bags holding up? Do they get dirty easy?
  7. Im been in love with the one in black denim for a while. Does anyone own it? Is it pretty in real life? I just love the details on these bags!
  10. She is SO pretty! Most certainly on my list of dream bags. Enjoy her! :biggrin:

  11. thanks tess! azure prisma is my one and only tote bag and i love it! tracked this one down all the way from a retailer in Europe with the help of an awesome fellow Wangster on here since it was all sold out here in the states!
    prisma1.jpg prisma2.jpg
  15. I love both the toffee colour and the stunning blue! I must not have been paying a lot of attention to AW collection. I walked past a shop yesterday and saw a rather cheap bag with the metal corners which I thought is rather nice and contemplated buying it but then again, I remembered that I am saving up for quality bags and not quantity and left it in the end. I had no idea it is a ripoff of AW at that time. Okay, so I digress. This tote looks minimalistic and beautiful but I could only just admire it. The straps look rather thin and I am guilty of overloading my bags.