Love for the Parachute?

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  1. not much has been written about this unusual oldie..

    anyone who's used it and can offer their views?

    in terms of usage and practicality, how does it compare to a city? (probably more similar to a day but i'm not personally familiar with that style)

    and how's the leather/fabric combi - any impact on long-term wear and tear?

    tia!! :smile:
  2. I have one of these bags in my personal collection and absolutely LOVE it! The shape is very cool and well constructed. I love the longer handle straps b/c they fit over bulky coats easily and drop the bag down below my chest making it more comfortable to carry, in my opinion.

    It holds more than the City bag can, but it's not too wide or overly large. I think it wears well and I don't have any problem with the fabric areas. They are nylon or silk or something that's similar to parachute material. I think it adds really nice color and texture contrast to the fabulously soft chevre (goatskin) leather.

    There's a short fabric zipper pocket on the lower backside that's trimmed with black lace and the cool curved zipper pocket on the front. There are two interior zipper pockets, one behind the snap pocket on the front which goes down into the middle section which is below the curved zipper section. The other is inside the main part of the bag on top that closes with two zippers that meet in the center. The zippers have the same leather fob pull you'll find on the Giant Hardware bags.


    I also have a comparison pic of the Parachute bag compared to a Twiggy for size reference:

  3. hi RDC, thanks so much for the detailed answer!

    the picture of you is simply marvellous - the colours, the landscape, your outfit, and of course the baaaaaaaaaaag!! is it a midnight-blue colour or is that just a trick of the light?

    i'm glad you mentioned the longer strap. it looks very comfortable on you. i tried out a first and couldn't even easily pick up the bag and sling it over my shoulder in one movement - and that's an 18" strap, ie. 9" when used, which is equivalent to the parachute right?

    do you find that you get a denim transfer problem from the parachute rubbing on jeans?
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    Thank you so much for the compliments, ponypie :flowers: I love Santa Fe, NM :heart:

    Yes, my Parachute bag is F/W '03 Midnight Blue and I love navy colors so it was quite a find!

    The straps are actually 21" long on the Parachute bag, so the shoulder drop is about 9".

    I know what you mean about the 18" strap length on the First, it needs to clear the elbow to easy go on one's shoulder. That length strap doesn't seem long enough to me either, so I always go for early Firsts which had a 21"-29" strap and that makes the bag way cooler looking IMO, like this:

    ^ S/S '03 Black First with pewter hardware and long 28" strap.

    Compared to the current 18" strap length of the First which doesn't clear my elbow:


    I forgot to answer about the denim jean rub...I think if your jeans are raw or dark washed it would be wise not to carry any leather item against the fabric as the dye is notorious for getting on porous materials. If they had been washed inside-out a number of times I might risk wearing with dark colored leather bags, but I would be careful to not combine moisture or friction which may cause the dye to bleed.

    I had a bad experience wearing a White Balenciaga with an all Black outfit to a concert in NYC during the Summertime...really, what was I thinking?!? Anyways my bag ended up with grey marks on the backside, mostly on the whipstitching, but some on the leather too after rubbing up and down on me while I was trying to keep other people in the standing room audience from bumping into it. That's a mistake I'll never make again. Heat, Friction, Moisture and dark colors on light leather is not a good combination.
  5. oh its santa fe - ah i see you live there! :biggrin: simply gorgeous... u lucky girl!

    your pictures show the difference in the firsts so clearly! practicality aside, i think the longer strap just LOOKS so much more aesthetically pleasing too. makes you wonder why bal decided to go shorter at all

    sorry to hear about your white bal!! ugh. i had rubbing on the back of my 04 marigold twiggy too - and stupidly sent it for re-coloring which changed the texture of that beautiful leather. thank god it was only on the back.. but it's made me mighty paranoid heh

    thanks a million for all your feedback - i'm going to have a serious think about the parachute! yours is the first midnight blue i've ever ever seen - it suits the style so well!