love for the messenger!!

  1. I just got my first bal messenger (07 bleu glacier) and I love it!! I think it might be my favorite style at the moment (though I just ordered a tomato first from styledrops, so we'll have to see). How do others feel about the flat messenger? It seems like it isn't a hugely popular style among tpf girls and I wonder why. It seems so fun and casual to me--I love the adjustable strap and the size is great for a smallish gal (I am 5' 4" and about 108 lbs). I have no idea how to post pictures (would love it if anyone could explain it to me). Any other messenger lovers want to post some modeling pics? I am curious to see how others wear their messengers.:smile:
  2. I really want one for my University work etc. I like the idea of being able to carry all my junk around with me in a sophisticated bag lol

    I'm after a bright coloured one but not many come up for sale :sad:
  3. that's actually the next one on my bbag list!! well, not the flat messenger style but the courier one is what im lusting after right now! sorry i know you asked for a modeling pic but i can't help but share my excitement about getting a messenger (courier style) bag ! congrats!!

  4. That's funny, I work at a University too!!
  5. I need someone to sell one soon cos at the moment I'm lugging everything around in a plastic shopping bag and I look like a hobo lmao.... not very sophisticated at all!!!
  6. Congratulations!!!

    I love cross-body messenger style bags too. My all time #1 favorite practical bag is the Flat Hobo Messenger from '02 and '03. It's also a good one for shorter girls ;o)
  7. I should have said that I got the bag from Real Deal!! Thank you, it is perfect! I can't wait to wear it (been raining in Houston for the past few days).
  8. I also love the flat messenger style and have worn it both as a shoulder bag and cross-body. It's a great around town bag, especially with kids. The only drawback I see is that it doesn't hold a huge amount so isn't so great for travel or if you need to carry a lot.
  9. I love cross-body bags. Congrats! I hope to see your pictures soon.....when you're posting, just click on the paper clip sign to attach your picture.
  10. Congrats on your new Bal! Please post pics!

    BTW, I am 5 feet nothing!:yes:

  11. Congrats! I LOVE the flat messenger and Blue Glacier is gorgeous, can't wait to see your pics! BTW, I was debating your bag on RDC!!!! Anyway, I have two flat messengers, Vert Fonce and a newly arrived VIOLET! I'll be posting pictures soon, too. I am 5'8, but I have a shorter torso and the longest strap is perfect.
    Enjoy your new bag!
  12. I love the flat messenger style too but wish the strap were a little longer.......I might give it another whirl again :tup:!!
  13. COngrats!! I think its a great style for hands free shopping!
  14. Does the violet messenger have silver hardware? I was just looking at one on raffaelo and I think it had silver... Anyone know if this style comes in tomato?? I have a red addiction...
  15. Thanks so much for the great modeling pic! You look great and your bag is beautiful! What a luscious, deep, brown. What color is it??