Love for Neons !

  1. i got the neon pink bracelet thats on sale love the color !
    anyone else loving neon ?
  2. Very cute
  3. Super cute.

    Does the colour rub off though and expose the metal underneath?
  4. im concerned about that too but it hasnt yet and ive worn it a few times now
  5. Yep I love them too. Just not sure about them with charms. So now I think I am going to collect white based charms for the white and blue based charms for the blue. However, they are great for stacking. I really wanted the leather wrap bracelets but missed out on the Juicy, so may do the Tory Burch to make a colorful stack.

    ***Sorry the first pic is dark, due to alot of glare and laziness on my part :smile:
    jwtpf (338x450).jpg wchabr (338x450) (338x450).jpg w1charm (338x450).jpg
  6. Forgot the blue.
    jbfortpf (312x450).jpg
  7. One more blue stack and a brighter pic of the white. Would love to see other people modeling these.
    PART_1343070384209 (192x256).jpg IMG_20120723_125351 (338x450).jpg