Love for Lily

  1. i have Chris Rea "Looking for the summer" in my head as soon as i look at my new baby - regular Lily in neon pink glossy goat!
    she is screaming summer, and i plan to use her a lot :graucho:
  2. what fits in - a medium Daria wallet, sunglasses case, phone, tissues, and space for lipgloss and small facespray, and as it will be my travel/vacs buddy, i plan to carry city passes and tickets as well, and they will fit in perfectly :smile:
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  3. some more snaps
    IMG_20180424_0919388.jpg IMG_20180424_0924557.jpg IMG_20180424_2144546.jpg
  4. Oh wow... you are SO ready to rock summer!!
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  5. Love lily. Fabulous . Enjoy her
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  6. Thank you, Ladies!
    But this is not all, one more is on the way, the beast is off the leash! a bit of impulsive bidding resulted in double score :lol:
    to be continued.... stay tuned! :happydance:
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  7. Wow, such a gorgeous summer colour! Lovely bag! Enjoy!
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  8. part-II
    mini Lily in gorgeous Indigo soft calf
    she is very cute, but very tiny, my BB KeyOne does not fit in, but it's still too cute to stay in the family :smile:
    in the long run most probably it will go down to my DD, as she totally loves my reg pink Lily, so i guess it's a win-win situation :biggrin:
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  9. some more snaps of my Lily family, now i have full house: Mum, Dad and 2 kiddies :biggrin:
    IMG_20180429_1414554~2.jpg IMG_20180429_1415513.jpg IMG_20180429_1415271~2.jpg IMG_20180429_1413535~2.jpg IMG_20180429_1415127.jpg IMG_20180429_1414382.jpg
  10. while i was arranging 3 of them in all sizes for a ref shot my 4th one got highjacked :biggrin:
  11. Absolutely beautiful Lily family! I love the variety of colour you have there! Your Lily looks lovely on you - enjoy them! :flowers:
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  12. thank you very much!

  13. Your bags are lovely, but this is the best pic! :heart:
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  14. Thank you :flowers:
  15. Pretty family!!!
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