Love for Hayden Harnett

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  1. So...

    Who's still got love for Hayden Harnett?

    I know I check daily to see if they have put their bags back on sale... these are the ones I'm currently stalking... Anyone else still have eyes for our beloved HH?

  2. Sao Paulo artisan hobo in red or green is on my list!!! with a low normal price the sale price is bound to be awesome, no??!!
  3. Of course I love HH, the Havana is the perfect bag for me and the Nico is not far behind. I would love to grab a NWT Havana Hobo in iznik yellow but I don't think so...I search ebay everyday for one.
  4. ^^ Fantastic choice Posk! I also love the Sao Paulo! The sale price should be great since the retail isn't bad!
    Sao Paulo Artisan.jpg
  5. I'll keep my eyes open... If you EVER see a Nico in Poppy PLEASE PM me!!
  6. ahhh.... the ever elusive nico in poppy...
  7. I sold one a while ago...
  8. I agree with you and the Havana. It truly is in the top 3 for my "go-to-bag" :tup:

  9. I would love to find a Tharpe in ruby on sale.
  10. SAY IT ISN'T SO! :crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:
  11. Sep, a certain "wolf" I know just bought one!!! ;)
  12. ^^ You have GOT to be kidding me!!! That girl gets everything! Maybe she will rent it to me for the summer! :lol:
  13. I'm not big on fabric because it gets dirty so easily but I really like this one too...
  14. I love HH bags... I have 2 havana hobo's (luggage and plum) and love them! I have a salina bag that I adore but haven't used yet and a few misc accessories (kitten bracelet, carryall, aeroporto, coin purses, etc). The leather is TDF!! I am waiting for their next big sale and I'll hopefully get a Lorca.
  15. I like the dresses too! I have this one...


    And I want this one...