Love for Baby Einstein

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  1. I can't tell you how much I adore Baby Einstein DVD's. They keep my daughter occupied and she loves them! I put her in her Exersaucer or bouncer in front of the tv and voila! time to myself! whoooo! :smile: :smile: Anyone else do this? I bought her the McDonalds farm one yesterday, it's awesome.
  2. yes, i did that with both my boys. they loved the music and the shapes...they just loved it all. i would put them in my room and then take a shower [door open so i could hear] or i would be able to get ready to go somewhere.
  3. We had the whole set. Absolutely fabulous. Educational and entertaining. I don't care what people say about tv being bad - sometimes you just need a little break (I think small doses of education videos are okay). I did exactly the same thing with the exersaucer and my kids loved it! My daughter will be turning 5 soon and she still likes to pop in one of those videos every once in a while. They make a great gift too!
  4. Absolutely! I have a baby who likes constant attention, so these save my life!!!
  5. I agree! Nobody wants to use the TV as a babysitter, but sometimes you just need a few minutes to cook dinner, pick up....or even just a few minutes to yourself ;)
  6. I love Baby Einstien dvds I found the whole set on I have like 20 something dvds and I got a great price to only pd like 70 bucks and that was with shipping. My 8 month old son loves it he is very clingy so this has really helped me out during the day with my normal houshold duties I finally can get stuff done now. He will sit in his playpen and watch the movies and play with his toys and he will only cry now ih he poops or wants to eat. I can knock out alot of work I usually will let him watch 3 a day and that gives me about an hour and a half of sheer quit and productivity on my part. Plus he is already starting to talk he says mama, dada, dog, no, yes, stop go he even said go wit daddy I could not believe my ears I am so glad that I had family here with me that heard him say it becuase I thought I was going crazy.
  7. I had bought them with my first daughter and she hated them. I would pop them in and she would not sit to watch them at all, they didn't hold her attention. What I found that DID hold her attention was disney Pixar movies and the Leap Frog videos. I would either put a pixar movie in or leap frog video and I was able to cook or get some laundry done. My second daughter likes them though! Each child is different! Neither one of my kids really watch much tv...they will watch about 30min so that gives me 30 minutes to throw dinner together, or do some cleaning!
  8. I put one in when I need to make a long-distance phone call. So helpful!!
  9. Aiden really likes Baby Einstein!! He loves their books and toys. I haven't gotten him a video yet, but I'll have to now. He's got so many already :P
  10. My son is 7.5 months old. He loves Baby Einstein DVDs. We have the whole set. And he loves the one called Baby's First Move, which he has been watching since he was 3 months old. He can sit there for the whole DVD. He would make a sound when the DVD is stopped.

    My dad babysits for me while I work. We love the DVDs since we can have sometime for ourselves.
  11. My son is really high need, and wants attention 110% of the time, so when he was 15 months old, our occupational therapist and developmental specialist gave us the ok for DVD time so I could finally do things like take a shower or cook without him crying for 30 min. He loves them, and I know that I will be using them sparingly with my next baby.
  12. I'm guessing some people think they are a bad idea? I can't imagine why, it seems as though she would only benefit from it, and if they love it and it's entertaining, why not! She gets plenty of my attention, (almost non-stop) and I'm sure the same goes for everyone else.
  13. Watching tv at a young age has been linked to something... can't remember exactly what it is. It was enough France recently has banned any shows aimed at children under 2.
  14. Oh no...I just googled it, apparently it delays their vocabulary!:wondering Oh dear... I guess less Baby Einstein and more reading, I need to get back to reading to her every night.
  15. my son likes them. each morning he will tell me to put in the dvd for him and he would turn on the tv himself and everything....but i have to sit there and watch with him..