love ebay!

  1. so tonight when searching eBay for clothing i saw that another seller had stolen my pics. the item was already sold a few days ago. i am upset i didn't see it then. but i reported it anyway. i work so hard on my pics and they are VERY specific to me. i have a very recognizable background.

    anyway i just got an email from eBay- the usual form letter that they're checking on it and will take appropriate action, etc. i just checked after i got the email and the listing is gone! :yahoo: i don't know if it will affect the sale but that's ok with me. TAKE THAT PHOTO STEALER! i reported like 3 hours ago. whooohooo!

    between that and good sales tonight (well, i lost money on some things but i got stuff that's been sitting out of my house) i am so :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  2. i hate it sooo much when people steal my pictures, especially if it's one of those new ebayers with a big fat 0 feedback score... it's like ok, come on, those aren't your pictures with MY watermarks on them... lol

    but eBay isn't always fast with removing the other people's listings... sometimes i've had to wait like a day. kind of annoying but i'm glad yours got resolved!!
  3. Good for you! Haven't run into that problem, thankfully....
  4. Yay!
    That happened to me before (a pair of Chanel earrings from either here or myspace, I was NOT selling them!), I was so happy when I got that email as well!
  5. ebay is usually pretty good with me and removing listings. i haven't had my pics stolen a lot but enough. it is so irritating. i work so hard on them and i do feel i have branded myself in a way with them (i don't watermark but honestly they are really easy to tell their mine). this was the fastest i've ever had them do it though- and i only had to report it once. the stupid seller is someone with a store. um, hello? if you want a store perhaps you should look in to doing your own work. i could sort of understand a newbie who barely sells doing that but someone who wants to run a business? heck no.
  6. I had one yesterday that stole my text & fonts. Thing is I had copied an old listing to make the new one & forgot to change the color of something. Thief copied the whole darn thing, including my error - I reported it to ebay & Poof. And shame on the 600 plus FB seller who got slapped. She relisted and I am watching to see if she adds the text she took out.
  7. :confused1:LVBAbydoll someone stole your personla pics to sell some chanel earrings? Whaaaaattttt???
  8. Nice to hear a happy eBay story!
  9. I'm glad they moved quick for you, usually ebay does nothing. I stopped reporting stuff, sad to say. ebay doesnt do anything fast enough. I used to spend an hour each day reporting fakes because I felt, as a bag addict, that it was my "duty". ebay rarely if ever removed the listings. So I stopped. Unless it concerns my auction or a friends, I wont be bothered.
  10. It's great that eBay took actions.
  11. Good for you Heather!