Love Disneyworld? READ!

  1. Hi everyone,

    I haven't been to Florida in a while and I have never gone during August.

    I am going to Disneyworld with DH for 8 nights and 9 days on the 11th of August. I have a few questions for people who have ever been to Disneyworld in August.

    What kinds of clothes should I pack more of?
    Any special beauty regimens you use due to the humid weather while traveling to FL?
    Favorite restaurants in Disneyworld?
    What are the best types of comfortable shoes to wear? Please no Crocs! :yucky:

    BTW, has anyone stayed at the Disneyworld Polynesian Resort? DH and I picked this one because it looks very comfortable and it sure is beautiful ;) It is quite expensive, so I hope it is worth it. Any feedback?

    Thanks everyone!
  2. ^^ Ohhh I LOVE Disneyworld!!! That is my happy place! Unfortunately I haven't been there in a couple years :crybaby:since I usually go with my Mom and well.. we haven't been too close the past years but anyways, I'm watching Pride & Prejudice so I will post more later LOL!! I can't keep Mr. Darcy waiting!
  3. wow...can't recomember the last time I was there in August. If I was going I would make sure to dress light (shorts and t-shirts / tank tops) and wear sun protection. I recently went to Hawaii and used Aveda's stuff and it was has moisturizer in it. I would bring some lotion with Aloe in case you get burned. I would wear sneakers as they are so comfortable but you may want to bring a pair of flip flops for those water rides. I always take a med size bag that can get wet and dirty. I can't remember where I ate when I was there. Have fun and give Micky and Minnie a hug for me.
  4. :nuts: I LOVE Pride & Prejudice! Are you watching the Kira Knightley version or the awesome A&E version?
    If you haven't seen the A&E version you MUST. It's fantastic although it's painstakingly long when you must be preparing for a meeting at the last minute. But of course you cannot leave Mr. Darcy, who in the movie is the gorgeous Colin Firth. :girlsigh: Well have fun!
  5. Thanks handbag*girl. I know I should probably wear sneakers because they are the most comfortable but I can't stand the feeling of sweaty socks. :push: I wore these Nike flip flops last time I went in June. They were pretty comfortable. Pretty sturdy for flip flops, sporty looking, etc. Any other shoe suggestions? Thanks..
  6. I've never been to Disneyworld but I've been to Disneyland-comfy shoes are essential, maybe pack some comfy tennis shoes AND sandals, you never know how each pair of shoes will bother you. I recently went to Vegas and took my most comfy flats and wedge sandals and BOTH gave me blisters that they never had before lol.
    As for clothes, shorts are good, light pants (like linen), tshirts, a light jacket etc. are essentials.
    And don't forget the sunscreen!
  7. I love Disneyworld! It's SO much fun. :tup:

    For clothes in August, wear light cool clothes. Meaning even jean shorts aren't good because it gets SO hot and humid that the chafing starts.... at least it does with me all the time. Wear cottons, linens... anything that is light and comfortable. Also, don't be surprised if it rains for 10 minutes each day you are there. Bring an umbrella and you might even want a water poncho. But if you don't bring a water poncho, not to worry... they sell them in just about each of the gift shops there.

    As for a beauty products.... I always ditch the makeup when I'm there in August. It'll just run off in that heat in a matter of minutes. I'd say wear a moisturizer with SPF in it. That should do you. Also, bring sunglasses and/or a hat with a larger brim to keep the sun off your face. I was there in August last year and it didn't feel like there was air at all when we were walking around. I swear the air didn't even move. LOL

    As for comfortable shoes.... just find the most comfortable pair of gym shoes you can find and wear those. Never fails though, even when I have my most comfortable pair on my feel hurt like heck after 4 days of non-stop walking in the parks. :sad: I love Birkenstock's and they're the most comfortable thing for me. I completely agree with handbag*girl though, also bring a pair of flip flops too. Variety is good and should help with sore feet.

    I'd seriously recommend you getting a Passporter for WDW. I have one for WDW and one for their cruise line and they are fantastic in helping you plan your vacation and they're great to bring around during your vacation. They're also great maps in it too for you to have during your trip.

    As for restaurants... I've got LOTS of recommendations... but I've got to grab my Passporter for that. I'll post it in a few. :p
  8. thanks pompilit!
  9. Hi there!!!! I haven't been to DW in August before, but I've been mostly in June and July.

    If I were you I would pack mostly shorts and t-shirts or tank tops. One think that my family does when visiting DW is bring (if you have the room to pack them....) is 2 shirts, 2 pairs of socks, and 2 pairs of underwear for EACH day!!!

    We usually spend ALL day at the parks, but if we have plans to go see a show/eat, like at Downtown Disney, then it's nice to change into clothes that aren't soaked in sweat.

    I would also bring one VERY LIGHT sweater/jacket. Depending on the breeze and temp. it can SOMETIMES get cold at night, like after 10/11pm if you're wondering around your hotel.

    When I go to Florida I do the least amount of makeup I'm willing to do and still leave the hotel room :p. I usually just do some eyeliner and makeup with sunscreen or just sunscreen.

    I always wear tennis shoes, because I can't stand sweaty feet in sandal/flip flops. But I always make sure to bring 2-3 pairs of well broken in ones, so you can change if you happen to get blisters or if they get soaked in the rain and don't dry out before the next morning.

    As far as best eating....I would have to go with Hollywood and Vine at MGM. It could be considered pricey, I think it's around $25 give or take a person. But it's an all you can eat buffet, with upscale food. We eat there every time. I also like the ABC cafe at MGM, it's good food fast. I also heard that they recently put in a great cafe in Epcot, in the building where the Land use to be. I saw a thing about it on the food network, it has nice upscale food.

    I've never stayed at PO, but I've heard great things. The last 3 times we've gone we've stayed in the "moderate to higher" level Disney hotels and I've never had a bad experience in one. As a matter of fact, I've never had a bad experience in any Disney hotel.

    Wow that was long!!!!! Have fun on your trip!!!! I'm soooo jealous, it's been over 2 years since I've been to DW!!!

  10. Well, it's going to be VERY hot, so pack the lightest clothes you own. I went a few years ago in June, and it was almost 100 degrees then!

    I would honestly just pull your hair back as far as beauty goes. It is VERY hot and humid everyday there, and having it down will probably drive you crazy, but if you must have it down, you could always use anti-friz serum of some sort. Also, I didn't have it then, and wish I would have, but I use Mineral Powder make-up when it's really humid out, so my skin doesn't appear to be oily. That might help as well. Don't forget the sunscreen! :smile:

    Also, I don't know if this always happens, but we were there for a week, and it stormed for a few minutes and rained everyday at around 5 pm...never failed. So take ponchos, caz they charge you $10 for them there caz they have Mickey on them (LOL...)

    As for shoes, I would wear tennies if I were you. You do a ton of walking.

    As far as restuarants go, there are a lot of good ones in Epcot. And some really good ones outside of Disney in downtown Orlando. I'm not sure if I'm correct of the name, but we went to a place called "The Rainforest(?) It was really nice. They had a waterfall inside of the restuarant, and the food was really good.

    Have fun!!!! :tup:
  11. Oh and also, I would bring 2-3 outfits for everyday, considering you will be sweating and in the evening you will want to dress nicely.
  12. Restaurants:

    For many of the restaurants you can call ahead and get reservations. I'd *highly* recommend this for some of the more popular restaurants. All you have to do is call 407-WDW-DINE (407-939-3463). You can call up to 180 days in advance.

    Magic Kingdom
    If you like character breakfasts, then I've heard that 'Cinderella's Royal Table' is the best. I've never been able to get reservations for it though. Those go QUICKLY. You can do a character breakfast or dinner there and it's inside Cinderella's castle.

    My personal favorite for character breakfast is 'The Crystal Palace'. Winnie the Pooh is the 'host'. LOL But the great thing about this is that you can get the earliest reservation they have (I believe they have some before 8, but I can't remember) AND that is before the park even opens. So you can get into Magic Kingdom with a reservation at Crystal Palace before the park opens. You have to call ahead (407-WDW-DINE) and make sure to bring your reservation number with you.

    If you like Italian food then you MUST go to 'L'Originale Alfredo di Roma Ristorante'. It is absolutely to die for Italian food. The best I've ever had and I'm Italian. :graucho: BUT... it's on the expensive side. Dinner plates can go up to $35 each, but IMO it's WELL worth it. Definitely call ahead and get reservations for this if you chose to eat here. If I had to recommend one over the other out of all these listed, go for this one. You can't go wrong.

    A great place to go for a quick bite to eat is the 'Cantina de San Angel' which is right outside of Mexico. Prices are about $12 and under and it's an open air patio/ taco and burrito stand. I'd recomment the 'Wet Burrito'. LOVE it. No reservations needed at all. :smile:

    My husband has been to 'Restaurant Marrakesh' wich has authentic Moroccan food if you're a bit more adventurous. They have belly dancers and live music each night. Great food and the dinner's range from $30 and under. Reservations a plus!

    MGM Studios
    For a place that I go to for the atmosphere, you can't beat the '50s Prime Time Cafe'. It's a restaurant that looks like a kitchen from the 50s, and Mom is your server. LOL She makes you clean your plate before desert. It's a cute atmosphere. You can get "home-cooked" meals like meatloaf, pot roast, grilled and fried chicken, pasta, etc. Each plate is about $20 and under. The wait is usually a bit long, so I'd also recommend getting reservations for this one.

    I've also been to 'Mama Melrose's Ristorante Italiano' and it's really good too. It's a brick wall and booth sort of place. They have individual wood fired pizzas, light pasta, and some meat plates. $22 and under for the dinner plates.

    Animal Kingdom Lodge
    Yep, there are many restaurants at each of the WDW resorts and a lot of them are great. At the Animal Kingdom Lodge I've been to 'Jiko' and I loved it. It's on the exotic side, so if you're a bit adventurous then go for this one. (Plates such as: crispy cinnamon spiced beef roll and duck firecrackers; buttermilk curry shrimp, pork tenderloin; pan roasted monkfish). $30-40 and under for dinner plates. Authentic African food and it's TDF! Reservations a must!

    Contemporary Resort
    For a character breakfast, I also like 'Chef Mickey's'. You get to have breakfast with Mickey and all his friends. There are TONS of kids here though, so keep that in mind. Reservations a MUST! For a character breakfast though, I much prefer 'The Crystal Palace' from above because it's good food and it gets you into the park before it opens.

    Grand Floridian Resort
    I highly recommend the dinner buffet at '1900 Park Fare'. $28 for a dinner buffet with Cinderella and friends. They have strawberry soup among other things. Really good food, and it's a great character dinner. MUST get reservations!

    Polynesian Resort
    I've been to 'Ohana' before and really liked it too. It's a type of buffet where the servers bring to your table skewers of grilled steak, turkey, sausage, and pork while you listen to Hawaiian musicians. $25 a plate for adults. Reservations a must!

    Hope that helps! PM me if you'd like more info. :smile:
  13. I actually just went last month, and let me tell you it was HOT!! Also, after wearing flip flops the first day, I immediately overpaid for a pair of Disney crocs and never looked back. Those things saved my feet! I was there with my little sister, and she kept us at the parks for about 10 hours a day! Definitely bring some sunscreen, and light clothing. I had a blast and wish you the same.
  14. Wow great info ladies! Thank you very much everyone.

    I am definetly worrying about the tennis shoes now..
    I always wear pumps, heels, and flats. Assuming I am not going to wear my Chanels and Louboutin's...what are some recommendations for sneakers?
  15. As far as sneakers go, I would buy a good walking or cross training shoe. I personally think those are best when lots of walking is involved.