Love cuff sizing

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  1. Hi all I'm needing some advice on sizing for the love cuff. I went to the boutique and tried on a 17 and it was a bit big and I felt like the cuff could fall off if I wasn't paying attention. I then tried to get the 16 ok but that was impossible. It was too small unfortunately for me to get on. I want to get the cuff because I don't like sleeping or working or working out with jewelry on. I also tried the juste un clou but think it's a bit too trendy for me. I don't know what to do and would appreciate any thoughts on sizing. Thanks!
  2. The cuff fits more snug. If the 17 felt like it would fall off then the 16 is your size. You should rotate it sideways and put in on from the side. This is the smallest part of anyone's wrists and then adjust it on. The first time I put my sixteen on I felt like I was forcing it and my wrist was a little red and I have very small wrists. But it really is all in how you put it on. Once you get it, it gives a little as well. Good luck to you!
  3. Thanks. I will make another trip to the boutique. I tried getting it on where my wrist is smallest and the sa didn't want to hurt me so she didn't try. I feel like if I took off a sweater while wearing the size 17 it would come off.
  4. Hmm, I tried the cuffs and the sizing was weird on me. I found getting it on and off like this video was the easiest,

    I got a little welt the first time, but I found the snugger the cuff, the better for me. Keep in mind though swelling in warmer climates... I would try to see if the 17 would fall off your arm and if it doesn't (which I'd hope not) I'd go for that. If not, the 16 definitely.
  5. Wow that is amazing! I had no idea that this is how you put on cuffs! Thank you! Yeah the 17 was big. I'm going to try this technique and see what happens. I tried the juste un clou in 16 and it was the perfect size so I think I am a 16.
  6. It will get easier to take on and off.

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