Love COACH - was allowed PCE 2x

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  1. I bought these new Madison items earlier in the week with my PCE.

    I went back to the Walnut Creek, CA store 3 days later (on Friday) just to see all the new stuff they put out on display... Of course the website was not updated until the day AFTER I purchased the Madison goodies.

    Since the PCE is a one-time use, I knew I wouldn't be able to go to the store and purchase more stuff that I want with the 25% off... my intent was to go to the store to see their new merchandise (you know it's different when you seen something on the computer screen vs. in person) and then go
    home and buy the accessories I wanted from their website + $9 shipping (with the ePCE online code).

    Anyway, during my time at this store, the SA was extremely friendly and took her time to show me all the new items. I was interested in buying some new accessories. I told her how I was in the store a few days ago and I already used my ePCD (another SA was helping me then)... she told me she would take care of me and will honor the 25% again. She also mentioned that next time I should just go to the store and have the SA order me what I want and shipping would be free. I was super excited.

    Here's what I got:


  2. Great haul. Depending on your relationship with SA's, they'll usually let you use PCE multiple times. I've used mine at least 7X this last go around. I keep finding more and more things I want. My wallet is glad PCE is almost over now. :P
  3. Cute accessories!! Looks like a very fruitful PCE :smile:
  4. Great buys! My SA typically lets me use it 2-3x or as many times as I want... typically I try and plan out all my buys using it only once though, never works out that way, LOL, Congrats!
  5. Great haul! Enjoy!
  6. Cute! love all your accessories :smile:
  7. Cute accessories & bags, OP!
  8. I almost bought that lucky mix key ring today and you are making me regret it! Very cute. I used my PCE 4 times :smile:
  9. My SA and Manager were kind enough to let me use my PCE 3X as I'm undecided with some items. Congratulations on your items. They are very pretty. :biggrin:
  10. They are so cute! Nice SA too :tup:
  11. Beautiful buys. I got to use mine 2 times. We are one lucky bunch :biggrin:
  12. That's great that the SA let you do the PCE TWICE! Hooray for great service! The cow fob is too cute. I'm loving, loving, loving everything you bought. I totally would have bought the same if I could!
  13. oh my god... so cute keyfob!!!!

    you are lucky to have her as SA!!
  14. Great Buys..and cute accessories..What is the size of that black madison bag??
    Enjoy your new goodies..
  15. love the cow. i got that too