Love bracelet

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  1. Hi ladies,

    those who have both the plain Love and the 4 diamond Love - which one do you prefer and why?

    TIA! :smile:
  2. This is what I'm trying to decide between right now
    Whether to get YG plain or YG 4 diamonds
    Such a hard decision
    Even not taking into consideration the price difference I just can't de IDE which I prefer
    I love diamonds but I love how the plain YG screws look and how it can be dressed up or down
    I worry diamonds would look really OTT for everyday wear
    I love to hear everyone's opinions
    Are the diamonds really noticeable and worth the extra £££
  3. I wouldn't consider the diamonds being over the top at all and yes, they are noticeable.
    I think you really need to try it on in the store to get an idea of the look while being worn.
    I only picked the plain gold one first becuase it was most affordable. It's definitely the classic look.
  4. I am getting the YG 4 diamond! I love diamonds and thought it adds a little something to it. Its def not over the top! Good luck!
  5. Get the 4 diamond!! It's just enough! I would have if in the past couple of months I didn't buy double the amount in other jewelry brands lol fail.
  6. Do you all think the 4 diamond Love is much more beautiful than the plain one?
  7. If you think you might sell it one day then go for the plain one if not then go for the 4 diamond since it has just the gift amount of sparkle for dressing it up or down