Love bracelet with clasp

Nov 9, 2010
In Handbag Heaven
I'm looking for an everyday wear bracelet that I won't have to baby every time I wear it. Does anyone have this bracelet, and if so, could you post photos? I've looked online but I can't find any good pics. Thank you!
Hi I’ve had this bracelet years but only recently have I started wearing more, before I only wore it a few times as I have a Love and a JUC bracelet that I wear 24/7 but the last couple of weeks I’ve left this bracelet on with my other bracelets and I’m now wearing it 24/7, sleep with it and shower with in and it’s holding up really well. HTH


Jun 9, 2019
I just received this bracelet 24/7 love it chose this one because I really want a cartier bracelet but I'm not a bangle girl don't regret my decision
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