Love bracelet screws

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  1. How often do you need to tighten the screws on your love bracelet? I really want one, but the only thing stopping me is hearing that some people lost theirs since it got unscrewed. Do you think the cuff or the thin love is a better option?
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  2. My SA said to tighten daily for 3 weeks (I was told it's crucial that someone else does the tightening) and this "sets" the screws and you shouldn't have any loosening. No issues when I follow this advice and only wear one. My screws don't budge. I did have issues when I wore 2 the banging of them against each other caused the screws to loosen. But I rarely wear 2 anymore.

    I check my screws every now and then still but they've never loosened when I only wear the one.
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  3. I’ve actually only had to tighten one screw once. It moved ever so slightly. But other than that, my screws haven’t budged since the sales associate put it on me. 3 months ago.
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  4. I have never had to tighten my screws on my Love. I wear a JUC, a classic Love with a thin Love on my right arm, no screws tightening ever or a need to use loctite.
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  5. Nope, me neither..DH put mine on my wrist as it was an Xmas gift and I’ve checked but so far so good(knock on wood:amuse:) and I do wear it with at least 2 other H bracelets or combo of Cartier trinity cord & H.
    (I want to add someone mentioned on another thread when doing it yourself tighten one end 1/4 turn then tighten the other screw and then back to tighten the other and finish and it’s not moved since)
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  6. Wearing one Love with another or different bracelets shouldn’t cause the screws to become loose. I have an older model Love with screws that come completely unscrewed when taking the bracelet off. In the thirteen years I’ve worn it, never have I had a problem with the screws. I had a Love that I purchased in
    2012 or 2013. I wore the bracelets together until one evening in 2017 when I realized the newer Love had fallen off. After researching some of the threads on the Cartier forum I now know there’s a design flaw with the newer Loves. When a Cartier sales associate is advising clients to use Loctite to secure the screws or suggesting various ways of tightening the screws there’s a problem. I’m happy for all of you who haven’t had any problems with your bracelets. It’s a sickening feeling to look down and find such an expensive bracelet has fallen off. I was interested in a JUC until Cartier changed the locking mechanism a year or so ago. If something has been reliable for years why change it
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  7. I don’t want to tempt fate but I purchased an older style love in January and although I check the screws every one to two weeks mine haven’t budged yet at all. With all the stories and advice re new style screws I’m kind of glad I went preowned. Fingers crossed it lasts! It is insured though just in case!
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