Love bracelet question

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  1. Hi all! I am contemplating getting a YG love bracelet, but I've heard multiple stories about the screws coming loose and the bracelet falling off [emoji33] I love the idea of the bracelet and the meaning behind it (especially since in May it will be my 10th wedding anniversary with DH and I've been hinting that this is what I want) but I'm hesitant to spend that much money on something that doesn't work like it should. Does anyone have any insight into this?
  2. Hi! I have mostly heard issues with screws coming loose when the bracelets are stacked. The banging causes vibrations and it loosens the screws.

    I bought mine over a month ago and when I bought it I asked my sales associate about loctite (a jewelry glue to keep it the screws secure) and she told me she only recommends that if people wear multiple bracelets.

    So far I have to report, my screws have not budged. Like at all. I did get it insured just in case (only cost 5 bucks a month and there isn’t a deductible with my insurance) just as an added layer of peace of mind.

    I say get it. You’ll find that you won’t be able to stop staring at it in awe!
  3. Did you end up using the loctite or no? I do like to stack my bracelets.
  4. I did not use loctite. But in the future I want to add either a juc or another love, then I will add loctite.

    But since you stack, I would use it. Just get the weakest strength loctite and you will be good to go.

    I know a lot of people don’t like using glue on an expensive bracelet, but to me it’s just physics. Vibration can loosen things up.
  5. That makes complete sense! Thank you so much for the insight [emoji4]
  6. I have had mine for a few years and have never had a problem. I’ve only taken it off a few times. I can imagine if someone takes it off all the time, tighens the screws too tightly over and over again they will eventually strip; all screws do, even steel ones which are much stronger than gold. You’re not bolting something to a wall; you’re tightening a bracelet; gentle pressure is enough to secure it to your wrist.
    For those who have had a bad experience, how often did you take it off? Did you buy your bracelet new or used? If it was used are you sure if was authentic? Were the screws already a bit stripped when you bought it? Were you a bit overzealous when tightening it yourself? Did you play rough sports when wearing it? Any jewelry or watch can only take so much banging before it bends or fails. All things to consider when understanding why your bracelet broke. This is a piece of jewelry not a steel beam and just because it’s expensive doesn’t mean should withstand things it was not build to withstand.
    At times, things fail (the real deal or the counterfeits). In this case, I’d hope they’d stand behind their name and repair things without questioning clients.
    Considering how many Love bracelets they sell and that people usually go online voice their complaints, my assumption is that there’s is a lot more happy customers than unhappy ones. I don’t think you have anything to worry about.
    My advice only advice is: try 2 different sizes to make sure it doesn’t ‘catch’ on your wrist. Maybe one looks nicer, but the other feels more comfortable. Good luck and happy anniversary! :smile:

    P.S. I wear my Love alone and stack a JUC or others on occasion when I go out. I had no idea people glued them to each other. I thought they used the glue on the screws. I’ve never had a problem. I wear a watch almost every day in the same hand (which bangs) and never had a problem, just FYI.
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  7. By the way, I would check with CARTIER before putting any glue or anything on WHITE GOLD which might have been RHODIUM PLATED.
    If I’m not mistaken, Cartier Rhodium plates their white gold pieces with diamonds.
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  8. I have a classic love that I wear with a thin love and JUC. I have never had problems with screws coming loose, I also don't use loctite. I go to the gym, swim and scuba dive (under my wet suit) with them. I think in general we hear more about it when people have problems compared to those of us who don't. I understand their frustration, I would be very upset if I spent all that money and the darn screws keep getting loose. My SA is the only person I allow to take my bracelets off, usually for cleaning. I clean my bracelets every 2-3 months since I dive I try to be good to make sure I get all the salt water out. If you're worried, insure your bracelet. It's very inexpensive, about $80 a year for the classic. Good luck and happy anniversary!
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  9. Thanks for the info! I have already tried different sizes so I'm 99% sure I'm set on that [emoji4] it seems to me that all the bracelets people are complaining about have been bought within the last few months so I'm not sure why that would be.
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  10. Thank you! I'll definitely look into the insurance.
  11. I have four Loves, and have never had an issue with any of them falling off, or even coming close to falling off. I have never needed to use Loctite. I check the screws from time to time with my fingernail, and tighten as needed, but they never get so unscrewed that they dangle off of my wrists.
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  12. I don’t stack mine I wear it alone. Screws kept getting loose every 4 days I texted my SA every time and brought it into Cartier, theyserviced it, replaces screws etc. got it back after two weeks, screws were loose AGAIN after 3 days. Don’t use Loctite. It shoudn’t Need it. My SA strongly advised against Loctite. No one should pay 7k with tax and have to Loctite it. She had me bring it in, it had a few scratches after a couple months and she exchanged it for a brand new one! New certificate and was super sweet and understanding. My advice is, if screws get loose make sure let them know right away so they are aware of the problem from day one. They will make it right. Screws loos most likely because. They sold a tester, the bracelet that gets tried on over and over at the store. My new one hasn’t loosened at all, it’s perfect and I can finally enjoy it
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  13. Thank you for the input!
  14. Hi ! My first love bracelet fell off and I lost it :sad: I didn’t stack it with anything . I was so sad/mad . I bought it new from store

    But Cartier won me over with their amazing customer service . My stack is now two loves and a JUC and haven’t had any issues since . I must have had a faulty one before
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