Love Bracelet Inspo?

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  1. Hey loves,
    this is me and my lonely love bracelet:


    I wonder whether anyone has some inspiration what I could add? Does not need to be expensive jewellery (except the Juste un Clou, that I would like to add soon).
    Anyone wants to share some pictures maybe?

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  2. IMG_2434.JPG

    With my vca perlee! Love also stacks beautifully with behapi and hapi and other leather or non leather hermes bracelets as well as Dior!
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  3. 207D6DBA-D102-4542-A64E-7CC8449FB958.png
    The Tiffany hardware bypass bracelet is stunning and I think pairs really beautifully with the love! Saw this on Pinterest
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  4. Wow - love it! Most of all the watch! May I ask which size that is? Thank you!
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  5. This is beautiful! Thank you for the inspo!
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  6. Stack by "J!m"
  7. Thank you! This is my 31. My 36 is too heavy and big on my wrist so I typically don’t wear it!
  8. With my VCA

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  9. Reminds me of mine !
    I bought the VCA first then a love bracelet (your stack)... Then two more loves came along soon after. I have bigger wrists so I felt like the extra gold balanced me out. image.jpg
  10. Oh wow how I’d love to have this stack! Are they all yellow gold?
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  11. Yes it is all yellow gold... and I do see a stack like this and/or better in your near future. It all started with the LOVE bracelet many, many years ago... as the song by Cher goes.... "Do you believe in life after LOVE". lol
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  12. Yes
    They are all yellow gold and 2 are size 18s and one size 19.
  13. IMG_1784.JPG
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  14. Lovely stacking ladies
    So fun to mixed and match
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  15. Hey... what about us guys that stack ?
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