Love both..but can only get one...

  1. Oyy I told myself I'd only get a small little wristlet but I'm craving one of these! I love all three, and they all have gold hardware..but which to get? I'm so lucky to have you girls or else I would just stand in the store till closing time frantically trying to decide!!:heart:
    40279_B4ES_d2.jpg 40277_B4BR_d2.jpg 40279_B4HZ_d2.jpg
  2. Either of the first two...with a slight nudge in the chocolate direction. Good luck in choosing. Don't forget the matching Mini Skinny!
  3. #1
  4. #2- it's sooo rich looking IRL!
  5. I am for 1 or 3. Love both of those colors!
  6. if you take very good of your products

    number one, no doubt it's gorgeous.

    if you don't, number two, because it's also beautiful, not as beautiful as number one.

    but number one is suede, stamped with C's, which, over time the c's may disappear, you're also warned not to use a suede kit because it can make the C's disappear. took me a minute to think about it and be like *smacks head* duh!

    my customer ordered the espresso one, she loves it despite this so it can work!

    but i thought i'd just tell you in advance in case the SA doesn't mention it.

    i hate when pple come back to me after they've cleaned their vachatte (sp) bags with water and soap because they said no one told them they couldn't/the SA at another store told them!
  7. ^ by that i mean by then the product is gone, and depending on the manager and situation they either walk away disappointed or with the option to exchange or send it in to see if anything can be done.
  8. Ugh, Ms-Whitney I know what you mean. I've had customers come in swearing that we said bleach mens will clean scribble bags when in reality we said tide with NO BLEACH and man, I think we really do hear crazy things. (My favorite is when people tell me an SA said they can use cleaner/moisturizer on their SIGNATURE!!!)
  9. Middle One! =d
  10. Middle one's the cutest.
  11. I say go for #1..It's soooooooooo gorgeous, I am thinking of that and the matching tote!!
  12. Oh chose number 2! I love it, the coor is so rich!
  13. I think all three are beautiful ( but that doesn't answer the question) If I picked two, it would be the first two, because I love the deep rich brown. However, since we need just ONE answer , I am going to say the middle one! I think the middle looks beautiful with the beading /lurex thread and really can snazz up anything. I have a lurex C's pochette from the first season that they were first produced and I get SO many compliments on it. I think you would too with the wristlet!
  14. The middle one, my eye was drawn to that one first
  15. I like number 2 best!